WINTER 2018/19

The new year has brought many new opportunities for Civiltec, stemming from the hard work that our team members have put in. In the past year, our California office partnered with over 75 clients on 158 projects! These partnerships - both new and existing - have led to an expansion of our electrical and controls and survey service lines as well as recent project opportunities.

With the beginning of 2019 already speeding past us, we have set a high bar for ourselves. But I know our team can tackle every project that comes our way. Speaking of the team, a big shout out to our employees who hit milestone anniversaries in the last year! Civiltec would not be the same without Michael Malcolm (1 year), Greg Ripperger (5 years), Jenny Tsan (10 years), Manny Aceves (10 years), Charles Devine (20 years), Jorge Martinez (20 years), Sara Canché (25 years) and Octavio Solorza (30 years)! I am excited to see our company grow even further under your leadership.

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W. David Byrum, P.E.
President and Principal Engineer
Civiltec Engineering, Inc.

Bolstering the Electrical & Controls Service Line
Highly efficient, reliable, state-of-the-art electrical and control systems are vital to the operations of many projects that Civiltec undertakes. For over six months, the firm has worked to expand its newest service line by partnering with cities and water agencies on various projects.

Led by Principal Electrical Engineer Stephen "Sky" Younger, the Civiltec team has delivered a myriad of projects to supplement the firm's overall expertise and portfolio of work.

Civiltec Completes Pump Station & Pipeline Replacement for VHWC
Civiltec has delivered a full replacement of an existing pump station for the Valencia Heights Water Company (VHWC). 

Established in 1912, VHWC is a Mutual Water Company that provides water service to portions of the unincorporated area of Covina, in addition to portions of the City of Covina and West Covina.

Civiltec Adopts a Meal with Union Station
The Civiltec team returned to Union Station Homeless Services (Union Station) in Pasadena to sponsor its second Adopt-A-Meal event on November 17, 2018. Atenas Reynaga and David Song, along with Diana Occhipinti, Shari Mateus, Jorge Martinez, and Atenas' husband Chris, spent the morning preparing lunches for the Union Station Adult Center.

Sewer Lift Station Improvements for City of Alhambra
Civiltec was selected by the City of Alhambra to improve its Sewer Lift Station #4. Located on Westmont Drive, the existing sewer lift station has caused disruptions to the City's customers and, at times, has caused sewage backups in nearby homes due to its lack of depth. Due to condition and age of the lift station, the pumps and wet well need to be upgraded to accommodate future peak flows.

The upgrades will provide sufficient storage to operate the lift station correctly, while eliminating the impacts to customers.

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Staff Spotlight

" I wanted a job where I would get out of the case often, because I don't like to sit around all the time. I love working outside, and racking up the flight time! I also love the variety with Civiltec; one job may be freezing in Flagstaff, and the next will be on the California coastline!"

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