The Fire District’s Agent of Record, Jeff Griffin, from Wilson-Heirgood Associates provided information regarding the annual workers’ compensation renewal.
The Board approved the budget for Fiscal 2018-2019. A special thank you to the Budget Committee consisting of citizens Erin Anderson, William Gifford, Tim Powell, George Warren and Rob Wheeler, and the Fire District’s Board of Directors: Jay Cross, Thomas Joseph, Jim Syring, Don Trotter and Marilyn Wall.

It was followed by the regular board meeting where the Board approved the following:
  • Workers’ Compensation renewal
  • Resolution 18-01 – Adopting the Budget, making appropriations, and levying taxes for Fiscal 2018-2019
  • Resolution 18-02 – Adopting and appropriating Supplemental Budget for Fiscal 2017-2018
  • Contract with Wilco for fueling services

The next board meeting will be Monday, July 16, 2018, at 6:00 pm at Mt. Scott Fire Station 5 located at 9339 SE Causey Avenue, Happy Valley, Oregon.