Several Clermont County elected officials will receive raises this year, under state legislation passed late in 2018. This applies primarily to all elected officials whose terms start in 2019. Other county officials will become eligible for the raises as they are elected to new terms.

The legislation provides for 5% raises in 2019 and 2020 for county auditors, clerks of courts, commissioners, coroners, engineers, recorders and treasurers. A COLA (cost-of-living adjustment) of 1.75% begins in 2021 and runs through 2028 for these officials.

Prior legislation provides county sheriffs, prosecutors and judges with a 5% raise this year. They will be eligible for a 1.75% COLA in 2020 through 2028. Board of elections members also will receive a 1.75% COLA during the same period.

The last time a COLA was approved by state legislators for Commissioners was in 2008.

For 2019 in Clermont County, the raises apply to:

  • Commissioner Claire Corcoran, whose term began on Jan. 1. Her salary will be $75,963.
  • Auditor Linda Fraley, who begins her new term on March 11. Her salary will be $88,852.
  • Board of Elections (4 members ): $15,235 each.

The total impact to the 2019 General Fund budget is $9,615, which includes fringe benefits.

In addition, legislators passed raises for themselves, statewide elected officials, and township trustees throughout Ohio.

Salaries of county officials in Ohio are determined by the population of the county. Officials in smaller counties are paid less than those in highly populated counties. The county population is determined by the 2010 Census.