Hello Everyone,

As Quillette continues to grow, I wanted to
give you an update on just some of the exciting developments you've made possible.

A growing team

We have been able to bring talented new writers on board. From the United States, where 50 percent of our readership comes from, we have two new columnists, Coleman Hughes in New York City, and Clay Routledge in Fargo, North Dakota.
Many of you will already be familiar with the exceptional talent of Coleman, the Columbia University philosophy undergraduate who has already written three out of our top 10 most-read articles. It is exciting for us to be able to share Coleman's rare talent with our growing international audience.

Clay Routledge is a professor of social psychology at North Dakota State University and a previous contributor to The New York Times and National Review . His research career has focused on one of the most important questions of all: how we find meaning in our lives.
Thanks to the steady stewardship of our Canadian Editor, Jonathan Kay, working out of Toronto, several great Canadian writers who have been lost in the wilderness have found a home for their work in Quillette. Many of our most loyal supporters are located in Canada ( thanks Jordan ! ) and our digital publishing consultant, Graham Verdon, is also based in Toronto.
Across the Atlantic, Jamie Palmer, Senior Editor, London, continues to recruit new contributors on a weekly basis. Also in London, our Associate Editor Toby Young has been busily interviewing guests for the soon-to-be launched Quillette podcast. In the coming days, we will be bringing you weekly in-depth conversations with prominent figures and contributors to our platform.

And I’m pleased to announce that a Shakespearean scholar, Neema Parvini of the University of Surrey, has also joined our team as a monthly columnist. Neema is a prolific writer with an acerbic wit and a contrarian perspective; he also brings a depth of erudition that is sorely missing from much popular commentary.

Quillette has also been syndicated by Le Point, the weekly political magazine published out of Paris. You can read the first two French articles, translated by Peggy Sastre, here and here .

To all our supporters

Quillette ’s growth is a phenomenon. It is remarkable to be on the cusp of one million readers a month with a budget that is just a sliver of that of platforms with comparable reach.
Our growth is a testament to the power of crowdfunding. Most of our patrons chip in $5 or $10 a month, yet because you are more than 3,000-strong , it adds up and makes this all possible.
In honour of our generous supporters, we are throwing a Patron Party in Toronto early in the new year. We are excited to share all the details soon, so stay tuned. (Given the potential numbers, we are sorting out the logistics.)

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you again for your continued support. We're excited about what the future will bring.


Claire Lehmann
Founding Editor

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By the Numbers

  • 20,000+ newsletter subscribers

  • 25,000+ Facebook followers

  • 90,000+ Twitter followers

  • 3,300+ Patreon supporters

Most importantly, we saw more readers in September than ever before. At just shy of 1 million unique visitors a month , our audience has grown fivefold over the last year. The chart below says it all.

(The Y axis is our global ranking.)
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