We’ve received questions about the City Council’s emergency ordinance re: evictions and rent increases, and want to clarify the critical provisions and give links to key resources. (To read the full ordinance, click here .)

Please contact the Rent Adjustment Program to answer your specific questions.

Here are the key provisions:

  • Moratorium on residential evictions until May 31, 2020. Only applies to housing units covered under the Just Cause Ordinance (which is most units in the City except for units built after 1995). 
  • Moratorium on commercial evictions until May 31, 2020. Only applies to small businesses (less than 100 employees per the state definition) and nonprofit organizations.  
  • Moratorium on rent increases above the Consumer Price Index (CPI) (currently 3.5%) during the Local Emergency. Only applies to units covered under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (which is most units in the City except for single-family homes and units built after 1983). 
  • Moratorium on late payment fees for residential rent paid late if due to COVID-19, during the Local Emergency. 
  • Unpaid rent is still due but tenants can not be evicted for inability to pay. 
  • Residential tenants and landlords can agree to temporary rent decreases which do not count towards establishing the base rent under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

Everyone who can pay rent should continue to do so.

Keep Oakland Housed , which assists with legal and financial resources for Oaklanders facing housing insecurity has ramped up services and can be contacted here .

A helpful FAQ guide on Oakland's eviction moratorium put together by organizations who protect tenant's rights can also be found here .
Thank you,
Mayor Libby Schaaf