Dovetail for Clarify
With Dovetail Agent Themes, users can pick a theme to fit their personal preference. We're excited to offer a more tailored experience for our dedicated users.
Click below to see a preview of the new themes that will ship with Agent 18.
Recently Released: Major Update to the
Dovetail SelfService app. Resident Clarify guru, Gary Sherman, walks you through all the cool new capabilities.
Our Clarify team has just added a Webhooks extension for Dovetail Carrier. Learn more about Webhooks and how to use them.
We've combined Rulemanager with our Dovetail Carrier solution to create 30 powerful business rules to get the most out of your Clarify system.
At Dovetail, we pride ourselves on what we can do for companies when it comes to updating their Clarify system and providing modern solutions. Read about some of our success stories .
Not everyone is familiar with Action Items that can be used in Dovetail Agent. This post covers the basics of action items – what they are, how you might use them, and how they compare to cases.
After learning how to use Action Items, check out this article that details a way to capture user feedback within the Dovetail Agent app.
We’ve added support for Configuration Rule Properties in  Dovetail Rulemanager  &  Dovetail Agent. Gary Sherman walks you through how to use them.
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