March 2018             Monthly Newsletter
Issue 14
To educate all students to succeed by ensuring quality leadership, curriculum, and instruction.
Message from the Superintendent
With the recent events that have occurred at schools across the country, the district continues to review its safety, security, and crisis management plans to provide a safe learning environment at our schools. Each day, district staff closely monitor behaviors, observe the environment, and implement safety and security protocol to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students.

As a district we are implementing a district wide security project to increase surveillance, communication, and response interventions at all of our schools. Increased safety training and resources will be provided to keep our schools secure and safe. As the district wide projects are implemented, you will notice the following: 

  • Safety protocol that includes secure entries to our schools
  • Check-in and check-out systems for visitors
  • ID badges for all staff
  • Regular reminders to staff and students to say something when they see something or someone who looks out of place or does not wear either an ID badge or a visitor badge
  • Practice using our safety systems and emergency drills (lockdown, lockout, evacuate and shelter in place)

We encourage parents to talk to your children about the impact and consequences of their involvement and comments made in person and through social media. Thank you for partnering with us and keeping the safety and security of our students and staff our highest priority. 

Yours in Education,
Deron Stender, Superintendent
Kindergarten & Junior Kindergarten Registration
  Kindergarten &
Junior Kindergarten
Garfield Elementary
Wednesday, April 4th

Students turning five on or before  September 15th  are eligible to 
participate in Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten Round-up.
   You will need the following information to register your child:
Birth Certificate
Emergency contact numbers
Immunization (shots) records

At Parent Night on April 4th, students will be assigned their round-up
session to attend. Student Sessions will be:

Wednesday, April 18th: 8:15-11:15 or 12:15-3:15
Thursday, April 19th: 8:15-11:15 or 12:15-3:15

Please contact the Garfield Elementary Office with questions: (712) 542-4510
Forms are available on the Garfield website by clicking here
(Refreshments served at 5:15)
Preschool Registration
Clarinda Preschool Registration
Middle School Commons
Thursday, March 15th

Students turning four on or before  September 15th  qualify to participate in Clarinda Preschool .

You will need the following information to register your child:
Birth Certificate
Emergency contact numbers
Immunization (shots) records
Front page of your 1040 or your W2s

Please contact the Garfield Elementary Office with questions: (712) 542-451
Planning for Upcoming Assessments
Iowa Assessments begin on March 12th. Staff have put together helpful information and tips for parents to help students prepare.  
What are the Iowa Assessments?
The Iowa Assessments are a state mandated written test that happen once a year in the spring. This test evaluates students' progress in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies. Our staff use the data from individual student scores and aggregate scores to help guide instruction and develop curriculum.
Why are they important?
These tests are used to monitor your child’s progress from year to year. The information gained from these tests allow us to compare results to other students of the same age across the state of Iowa and the rest of the nation. It is one measure we use to help identify how well our students are learning.
Tips for Success
1. Remind your child to take the test seriously.
2. Encourage your child to do their best.
3. Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep. 
4. Ensure your child eats a good breakfast to start the day right.
5. Write your child an encouraging note in the morning.
Cardinal Theater Presents:
"You Can't Take It with You"
by: Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman

Presentation Dates:
March 23rd and 24th at 7:30 pm

Tickets will go on sale starting March 5th at the high school office. You may stop in or call 712-542-5167 to reserve seating ( reservations are recommended). Tickets are $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students. Students with an activity pass may reserve a ticket free of charge in advance but will not be honored on the nights of performance. 
2018 Middle School Olympics
Every four years, the middle school hosts the Student Olympics. During this event, students research and learn about the country they represent and participate in a variety of activities involving skill, strategy, and team work.

The success of this event was made possible by the hard work of staff, as well as support from our community partners.
Community partners include: Carolyn Scherf (flag maker), Lisle Corporation (donated materials for the medals), Jeff Clark and Jarod Riddle (crafted medals), Clarinda PTA (donated t-shirts for each student and materials for the games).

We would also like to thank opening ceremonies speakers Adam Carper (CHS graduate), Mayor Lisa Hull, and Board President Daren Sunderman.
KC Wolf Visits Clarinda Students
On March 26th, Kansas City Chief's very own K.C. Wolf will visit Garfield Elementary and Clarinda Middle School to share his antibulying message: " Don’t be a Bully – Be a Buddy."

This presentation focuses on treating people with respect and kindness despite our differences. KC Wolf understands the importance of good role models in the community so he strives to be 'a character with character.’ All of his youth programs are designed to “Edutain” (Educate and Entertain). Please visit with your child about the lessons learned from this assembly.

We thank Wallin Plumbing and Heating for sponsoring this educational event.
Clarinda Kindness #clarindakind
Inspired by the Great Kindness Challenge, students, staff, and community members demonstrated ways to be kind during Clarinda Kindness Week, February 12-16, 2018. The week was devoted to educating and supporting as many acts of kindness as possible at school, home, and in the community. School counselors developed activities that were designed to help students learn the following skills:

  • Develop an increased awareness of their own emotions, feelings and identities as caring individuals
  • Use appropriate emotional communication and listening skills
  • Increase awareness of others’ emotions and understanding of how kind and unkind actions impact others
  • Act kindly toward themselves and peers in school, home, and community
  • Improve the ability to apply problem-solving strategies in social situations
  • Increase the ability to have productive participation in the classroom, contribute to discussions, and have a positive role in large groups
  • Improve academic performance and achievement

Our schools were very transparent in reaching all students and staff through a variety of kindness activities. Some of the activities included a kindness pledge, lessons on kindness, viewed the movie ‘Wonder’ followed by class discussion, art projects, an Appreciation Station, and many more activities. Each student received a #clarindakind t-shirt as a result of the contributions and support from our community members and businesses. The activities throughout Kindness Week were all geared to teach the students about kindness, the impact it has, and the importance of kindness in our schools, community, and world. Be #clarindakind!
Join Superintendent Stender for Coffee 
Join Superintendent Deron Stender on Friday, April 7th, from 7:30-8:30 a.m. at Down Right Delicious for coffee (refreshments paid by Mr. Stender).

The events are meant to be informal opportunities for conversation with the Superintendent. There are no agendas or formal presentations. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and comments and are welcome to come and go as their schedule allows. 

Monthly coffees are held on the first Friday of each month in a variety of locations in our community. Please check the  district website for locations.
Clarinda Community School District
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