February 2019
Monthly Newsletter
Issue 25
To educate all students to succeed by ensuring quality leadership, curriculum, and instruction.
Future Ready Planning
The district continues its work to review and plan for long term needs to prepare our students and facilities to be future ready. On January 23, the school board interviewed four architect firms and selected one of those firms to lead a collaborative and transparent process of gathering valuable input, feedback, and data from all district stakeholders. While the district is currently negotiating a contract with the selected firm, we are also working on a schedule for stakeholder engagement. We look forward to your input as we work together to make our schools the leader in education!

The public is welcome to review the facility assessment and all public documents at anytime by visiting any district office, the Lied Public Library, or by clicking on the Future Ready link on the district webpage.
2019-2020 Open Enrollment Applications Due March 1
Now is the time for families to complete and submit their open enrollment requests to attend Clarinda Community Schools during the 2019-2020 school year. Clarinda schools are staffed with talented educators who are focused and committed to supporting students and their success. Please encourage family and friends to make Clarinda Community Schools their school of choice.

If you need assistance or have any open enrollment questions, please contact Superintendent Deron Stender at dstender@clarindacsd.org or 712-542-5165. Open enrollment applications can be found here .
District Legislative Platform
The legislature reconvened on Monday, January 14 and is busy developing new legislation and revising existing legislation. Both the house and senate committees have passed legislation to extend SAVE (Secure an Advanced Vision for Education). SAVE is a one cent state sales tax that provides funding for infrastructure that allows all Iowa schools to be maintained. Because it is a state sales tax, it provides important property tax relief to all local tax payers!

Elimination or the extension of the 2029 sunset is the school boards primary legislative priority. Please join us in our effort to advocate the districts legislative platform. Please mail, email, or call our legislators: Representative Cecil Dolecheck cecil.dolecheck@legis.iowa.gov or Senator Mark Costello mark.costello@legis.iowa.gov  and ask them to please eliminate the SAVE sunset. Please contact Superintendent Deron Stender with any questions at dstender@clarindacsd.org or 712-542-5165.
Impact of School Closure & Dismissals
The state requires school districts to provide a minimum of 1,080 hours of instruction. The 2018-2019 calendar provides 1,156 hours of instructional time, which significantly exceeds the required state minimum. Generally, the decision to amend the calendar and make up time will be made in April (after weather is no longer a factor) and will be based on meeting state instructional requirements.
Alternate Bus Routes
As a district, we pride ourselves on safely transporting students. As inclement weather challenges the safety of our students and drivers the district may have to implement alternative bus routes to transport students. These alternative routes will be implemented when road conditions prevent buses from safely traveling on their normal routes. You will be notified by the district JMC messaging system (text message and/or telephone call) when the alternative bus routes will be implemented. Please note that the bus may not stop at your house when alternative routes are announced there may be a stop near you where you can meet the bus if you so choose.
As a parent you have three options when the school district implements the alternate bus routes:

  1. Your child(ren) can get on the bus at the alternative stop and ride the bus to school.
  2. You can drop your child(ren) off at the Middle School which will open at 7:00 a.m.
  3. If you feel it’s safest to keep your child(ren) home, the absence will be excused.
Below you will find a list of the alternative bus stops and the times the bus will arrive and depart. It is important that you have your child(ren) at the stop in a timely manner so the buses stay on schedule; they cannot wait on late students.

Alternate Bus Schedule (or view on our website here )

Bus #4 - Richard Iske
Bethesda - 7:05 to 7:15 AM
860 W. Walnut St. 7:30 AM to 7:40 AM

Bus #6 - Russ Clark
Hawleyville, 3355 185th St. - 7:20 to 7:28 AM
185th and W Ave. - 7:29 AM
1846 V. Ave. - 7:31 AM
Bus #7 - Mick Miller
Hwy 2 and M Ave. - 7:00 AM to 7:10 AM
Cherokee Ridge - 7:17 to 7:27 AM
2643 Hwy 2 - 7:30 AM

Bus #8 - Connie Miller
Yorktown Community Center - 7:25 AM to 7:35 AM

Bus #9 - Mike Williams
Hwy 71 and 170th St. - 7:00 AM
Hwy 71 and 150th St. - 7:05 AM
Hepburn - 7:13 AM
Redwood Ave and 140th - 7:17 AM
Redwood Ave. and 150th - 7:22 AM
Redwood Ave. and 160th - 7:26 AM
12th St. - 7:34 AM, 7:35 AM, 7:36 AM

Bus #10 - Kenney Wagoner
3215 250th St. - 6:40 AM
270th & Colt - 7:05 to 7:15 AM
Hwy 2 & X - 7:25 to 7:30 AM
Hwy 2 & V - 7:36 to 7:40 AM

Bus #12 - Richard Negley
New Market Community Center - 7:15 AM to 7:25 AM
Tahoe Place - 7:31 AM, 7:34 AM

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to provide safe transportation. If you have questions, please contact Transportation Director Nancy McKinnon with any questions, nmckinnon@clarindacsd.org or 712-542-5165.
School Closure Information
When is school closed or delayed due to inclement or severe weather?
Safety is our primary concern when making the decision to close or delay the start of school due to inclement or severe weather. This process begins early and a decision is made as soon as possible, typically prior to 6:30 a.m.

How are parents notified of a school closure or delay?
In the event that school needs to be delayed or cancelled we will:
  • Send a JMC alert to all parents and staff. JMC alerts can be received via email, text, phone or all three (please be sure your contact information in JMC is current).
  • A press release will be sent to KMA and the Clarinda Herald-Journal.
  • Information will be posted on the district home page.
  • Information will be posted on Facebook and Twitter (@CCSDCards).
  • Please assume school will be in session as scheduled unless you have received notification.
What if parents have concerns?
Please know that when it comes to inclement weather, we encourage and strongly support parents in making decisions that are best for their child. While our bus drivers are experienced and trained for driving in all conditions and have excellent safety records, we recognize that parents are the best judge of their child's health and safety. The District realizes that a decision for the majority of students may not fit with parents' individual circumstances. A decision to keep your child home or pick them up early from school for safety reasons will be considered an excused absence. The District encourages parents to send their child to school properly dressed to ensure their safety during the winter months.
Planning 2019-2020 Calendar
The district is working the 2019-2020 school calendar. As the calendar is being built, the district focuses on strategies to provide instructional time that is aligned with quality professional development. It may be necessary to provide early outs on a consistent bases to ensure the district is preparing and supporting our staff as instructional leaders. If early outs are built into the calendar, the district will work with families to help them meet their needs.
Coffee with Superintendent Stender
Join Superintendent Deron Stender for coffee, refreshments (Mr. Stender covers the cost of coffee & refreshments), and conversation on: Friday, February 1, at Down Right Delicious.

The events are meant to be informal opportunities for conversation with the Superintendent. There are no agendas or formal presentations. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions and comments and are welcome to come and go as their schedule allows. 

Monthly coffees are held on the first Friday of each month in a variety of locations in our community. Please check the  district website  for locations.
In the Spotlight
Thank You for Supporting Our Schools!
On behalf of the Clarinda Community School District, we thank all of our parents, partners, and community members for your support, together, we make our schools the pride of our community!
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