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August 11, 2021
Clarington Wines of South Africa
Wine Tasting

Owner/Winemaker Johan Viljoen
from Stellenbosch, South Africa (via Zoom)


Andy Woolgar & Stephanie Potter
(from Salisbury Wine Shop)

Saturday, September 4
3:00 P.M.

Reservations Required
Johan Viljoen

Johan Viljoen, Clarington Wines owner and winemaker will be joining us live via zoom while Andy and Stephanie help on this side of the pond.

Clarington wines are new to North Carolina and a very welcome addition to our shelves. We were impressed with the their quality and structure. Join us for this tasting while Johan, Andy and Stephanie will help you enjoy the juice.

If you decide to join from your home, please let us know so we can send you the zoom link. Also let us know if you would like to buy the wines to participate at home so we can make sure we have enough at the shop.
A New Rosé You've Got To Try

Puech-Haut Argali Rosé

Impress your friends and family with the coolest bottle of rosé in our store. Ever lay a bottle down on the table and watch it roll across and onto the floor? Well, that won't happen with this one because it's flat on one side.

Kidding aside, this glass corked frosted bottle is a wonderful rosé that is worth a try, even if you don't care about the shape of the bottle.

The 2019 Puech-Haut Argali Rosé is bright, authentic, and excellent. The pastel pink wine is alluring with aromas and flavors of wild red fruit and savory spices. It is complex and has a flattering citrus nose. It offers clean, crisp notes of white peach, strawberries and a hint of floral in the mouth. Enjoy its rewarding textures and crisp finish with lightly-spiced, grilled chicken thighs. 
You've Got To Try A Piquette
To make wine, you crush grapes to extract the juice which is then fermented to yield wine. The leftover stuff (skins, seeds, etc.) is known as pomace. Pomace is usually sent to the compost pile and eventually back to the plants as fertilizer.

Now, instead of sending pomace to the compost heap, why not send it though the wine making process again? And then add a small amount of sugar or honey to start a second fermentation resulting in a light, fizzy, refreshing drink known as Piquette.

Piquettes are low alcohol, fizzy, refreshing and perfect for the hot days of Summer. Serve chilled and if you want, serve it over ice.
Main Street is Getting Paved
Main Street is having some cosmetic surgery done. As a result, there will be some road closures at varying times. The work is expected to last about 5 weeks but based on the current progress, it could go on for longer than that.

Worry not!!! We will make it as easy as possible to shop with us. If you have to park a few blocks away, we will be happy to take your purchase to your car if you would like. We will also be happy to deliver to your home or business at no charge. We can even meet you half way if that works better.

Just give a call before you venture out and we'll let you know where you can park. You can also give us a call and we can shop with you over the phone and you tell us what the best delivery option is.