Clarity, Courage & Commitment
~ Actualizing Your Visions ~
The year keeps rolling along and we find ourselves fast approaching a new Season. I don't know about you, but I have been feeling that "Spring" in my step and a freshness of limitless possibilities already, and especially in the last couple of weeks. 
If anything it's been more about "Where to start?" than it is about "What the heck do I do now?" And that's where discernment comes into play and to stop all activity of any sort, just to tune in to receive clarity that will help me to decide where I choose to commit myself, as I know that I want all of my energy fueled purposefully, precisely, and as productively as possible.
I simply don't want, nor can afford to put energy into things and experiences that no longer serve and truly aren't aligned with where I'm going, as that not only affects my well-being, but my ability to be of service to a greater good and to people who are also taking accountability in their lives. I've had enough teaching experiences to realize where my time and energy would be better focused for the highest good and have learned to allow things and people to come to me in Divine timing. 

If I extend myself and receive no response that doesn't mean to keep at it until I do, but rather, to let it be, regroup, and see if either I'm forcing the timing, or perhaps am not realizing that something is out of alignment. It may be that I'm only focusing on part of the picture that I've figured out how to neatly fit into my framework, but am not seeing the bigger picture that reveals an actual mis-fit.

We shouldn't have to "make" something fit. You'll know when it truly does, as things just magickally fall into place and continuously keep unfolding without effort. The only challenge may be with your own inner dialogue that might be doubting or fearing the thing you have manifested - in which case its then about building the courage to follow through in action to your visions you intended. 

Perhaps you know what I mean when I say that something you manifest may not be exactly the right thing, but is evidence you are on a roll of starting to create and drawn in things - your intents may just need a little more tweaking. You get excited about the first opportunity that comes your way and focus only on the parts that feel good, and allow those to overshadow the fact that you likely had an initial "hmmm" that you quickly dismissed because of the shiny pieces that drew you in and spoke to the excitement you had about being able to manifest something that seems like what you asked for. While there are some less obvious and perhaps hidden aspects that just aren't going to create harmony the way you'd like.

It's important to clarify what you want and be willing to make tough decisions to release things that don't feel good with trust that something better is on the way, and set those boundaries, continuously, so only those things truly worth letting drink from your well, is what you choose.

Part of creating that clarity for me means taking time away from things, perhaps at the beach, or simply in quiet mode in my sacred space, and also involves making lists and outlines (getting thoughts out of my head and on paper), organization, and a refresh, so I've been clarifying my focuses and doing some actual cleaning out of things here in my space so that I can remove any things that energetically feel like clutter, or are no longer necessary or aligned with me. That's why I go through many wardrobe renewals (and hair styles), as I shift so much that it simply makes me want to crawl out of skin even when I put on something that no longer is me. 

And that's no fun when you're in the midst of blazing your own way, making your own trails rather than following one. You want to feel aligned in ALL ways and everything you can do to embody wholeness of the new energy and things you are wanting to create, will be helpful in magnetizing them. 

Be the change, as they say. 

And while you're making your own trail, it's important to make a commitment, embrace responsibility, take action to back your words, believe and keep inspired, nurture courage and trust, let go of caring what others think, keep balanced, and follow your heart come what may.

Perhaps you've noticed how vital that "keeping balanced" has become. We haven't had to experience the kind of energy frequencies that we are, as everything is completely new and at different octaves than we have memory for. There are similarities, but overall we're all going through this together without any map other than our heart guidance and trust. Because of this, our bodies are going through a lot of change on every level and you might notice that you simply can't do things the way you have or with the degree of extreme that you have, without rebalancing your energy system. Being out in nature, truly communing, grounding, recharging, and breathing in fresh air will need to be as second nature to you as everything else you do and need, like sleeping and eating. This will support you through the intensities and help you to operate at more optimal levels. The more you feel immersed in this or that, is the more you need to be immersed with our beloved Earth - Gaia.

I feel that everyone in some way right now and more than ever is at this threshold and is either creating their new path, in process of making the shifts to do so, are contemplating the idea, are experiencing challenges because they are fighting what is in their hearts and the fact that time is up in terms of forcing the old to continue, or are remaining in denial.

We need to unlearn the word impossible and remove it from our vocabulary. It's also helpful to believe that even if there appears to be no door right now, that one will appear as soon as things align and you are ready. It's not for you to know how, only for you to trust and you'll know when you need to - not a second before. Removing limiting beliefs about yourself will also support the new you want to manifest. You haven't the luxury to belittle yourself or speak to yourself with doubtful, limiting words. Don't buy into the definitions and limiting boundaries others would like to put you in, or that you've learned to keep yourself in, so as not to shine your brightest.

It may seem odd that you would do this - stop yourself or avoid shining, that is - but in fact you likely aren't even aware of it, as it has become second nature to diminish yourself, crouch rather than stand tall, or protect and hide your valuable and vulnerable gifts out of conditioned experiences. 

Start listening, or listening more, to your heart. Ambivalence keeps you unable to move forward and has you running circles around yourself instead. When you commit your heart to something it will be joyous, freeing, and invigorating.

Even if it's a commitment to saying no, at least that helps you to get closer to what it is you want to commit to saying yes to. 

March is an exhilarating time and as you release with joy, rather than heaviness and regret, you will find yourself in vibrant renewal, experiencing things you only imagined possible, and now actually are.

Below you'll find this month's special that supports the theme of Release and Renew, as well as other opportunities that may be just the thing to support you into your shiniest. There are a ton of new inspirational and expansive experiences on the way, so stay tuned and stay in tune with you!!

Own your personal frequency like you mean it!

In love, joy, and creative magick always,

Tania Marie

Emerald Bridge

Tania's Offering of the Month - March's Release & Renewal Special 2014

Moving through shifts and major transformations? Stepping into your dreams and needing a boost?

This month's Release & Renewal Special may be the kind of gentle and powerful support that feels aligned with you.

Reiki will help you to get rebalanced again and help to calm that over-worked and over-stressed mind, while supporting more courageous action from you with energetic clarity, focus, and embrace.

All of March, you can receive enhanced distant sessions and packages for concentrated support at big savings.

I know a lot of people are wanting to take the next step, but feel financially burdened, so I do my best to always provide ways to make things available to everyone with specials, while still supporting accountability, so that we can fly together.

Details on this month's Reiki special, which includes 35% off, as well as one or two free sessions with packages, can be found here:

March Laguna Beach "Reiki Renewal Retreat" & July "Accelerate Your Vibration" Bimini Retreat

If you're looking for a way to really plunge into the new, experience opening and greater expansion, as well as nurture greater well-being, balance, and come more fully into embrace of your authenticity and unique voice in this world, then one or both of these retreats may resonate with you.

In just two weeks we'll be rejuvenating and blossoming as we open to the experience of Reiki and enjoy a long weekend of self-love, healthy fun, and kicking things up a notch. I'm super excited to share the weekend at the beautiful home in the hills we'll be sharing during this spiritual retreat. I've been starting to get the meal plan together and enjoying eating the yummyness I rediscover, as I look through my recipes. Not only do I love teaching, but I always love a good slumber party ;) Contact me for last minute registrations, if you would like to treat yourself to this weekend. One spot available.

Register by 4/11/14 for this amazing week on the magickal island of Bimini. There aren't words to describe the experience you'll have in this amazing energy vortex, not to mention when you look into the eyes of a dolphin out on our swims. You can receive up to $200 off when registering by 4/11. All participants of this week will receive a free Brazilian Quartz Crystal that has specially chosen to work with each of you. 

For all details on both of these retreats, please visit the above links.

Inspiring & Expansive Workshops, Events & Opportunities

Chicago Accelerated Reiki Workshop Weekend

There will be an upcoming Accelerated Reiki Workshop Weekend in the Chicago area the weekend of October 11th and 12th. I'm very excited about this on many levels and all that it entails. There are a few people already confirmed for this weekend and I'll only be able to take 10 - 12, depending on final confirmation of location.

So, if you are in the Chicago area and interested in receiving your Reiki training for either Reiki 1 and 2, or all three levels including Reiki Master Teacher training, please message me, as I will be taking registrations early, since I'm traveling from out of town. 

Toronto Reiki Workshop Potential

There is possibility that I will be returning to Toronto this year, in June. I am still trying to work out my scheduling, but was asked to speak at an amazing event up there (more on that if I can confirm this) that I'm really hoping I can make it to. If I am able to go I will be providing Reiki training while there. If any of you are in this area and would have interest in this, please let me know. Last time I was up there in the Toronto/Montreal area, I taught in Montreal, so this would be a treat for me to stay longer in Toronto. Crossing fingers this works out!

Upcoming Workshops & Retreats

I have several more workshops for this year, along with two more retreat opportunities to be announced. Workshops will include topics on expanding your Reiki practice with crystals and more, sacred art and sound, and personal growth to help you live a more enlivened and magickal life. 

Online Training

For people who are unable to attend in person, there will be the opportunity to still receive the support and inspiration you desire. To be announced.

And Lastly

Exciting announcements are in the works on opportunities and expansion that Emerald Bridge is undergoing to be of greater service - stay tuned!!

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