Clark & Associates is celebrating 30 years in business this year! Thank you to the best clients in the world!
Team Spotlight: J. Lynn Clark, Owner, RPR Reporter
Lynn was born and raised in Ankeny, Iowa, alongside her five younger brothers and sisters.
Her father was a government history teacher and coach. She says, "I moved to Charleston in
1986. It was hard to move away from home with a year-old baby but I love Charleston and
can't imagine living anywhere else. I am so happy here!" Her daughter Emily is now plastic surgeon at Palmetto Health in Sumter, SC. She also has a son named Kyle, a first year law school student at Boston Law University. If Lynn isn't feverishly steaming the keystrokes out in the field or at home in the wee-hours of the night, she can be found enjoying her time reading books, jogging, and somehow managing to squeeze in a few 10K and half marathons throughout each year.

Once equipped with her Associates Degree in Business and Court Reporting, she dove right in to what would become a fast-moving career through the ranks. Passing 260 words per minute with over 95% accuracy earned her the coveted National Court Reporters Association Registered Merit Reporter certification, a tough one to achieve. Fast forward 10 years into the business, and she took a leap of faith with starting her own business in 1989 titled, Clark & Associates, Inc. Lynn candidly tells us her favorite things about her business is, "Working with the most incredibly talented, caring and dedicated (and organized!) people...I love helping people and making them happy from clients to reporters to our office staff. I love them all!" When asked what the most rewarding aspect has been to being the owner, she readily divulged, "Attorneys and their staff are very smart, hardworking, and dedicated to their clients. They work under incredibly stressful situations. I love being able to help make their job easier and smoother by providing exceptional court reporting and web-streaming services."

We could not be more proud to work for such an awesome, kind, and giving lady! We love you Lynn!
Come Support
Clark & Associates is the proud sponsor for the Charleston Association of Legal Assistants. We are one of the speakers for the CALA’s 14th Annual Educational Seminar. Please register for the upcoming educational seminar.
Friday, October 18, 2019
Poogan's Courtyard
12 Cumberland Street
  The Top 5 Reasons to Register for CALA’s Educational Semina r

1. Continuing education is necessary to keep up with current trends/issues in our profession (and you are a professional!)
2. The speakers are going to be fantastic!
3. You get to spend the day with other paralegals and network!
4. You will meet the vendors and collect some great swag & door prizes!
5. You get a day out of the office with great food & a Happy Hour!