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Today’s CPESN U is about care planning to improve patient care.

We believe that another significant reason CPESN pharmacies need to commence care planning and document the care being provided is that it will help your pharmacy provide better patient care.
CPESN Pharmacies Need to Provide
Best-in-the-Industry Patient Care
Enjoy this short video from pharmacy owner Joe Moose:
Care Planning Reason #3: Improve Patient Care

1) Care planning provides and improves care coordination among care team members, including pharmacy staff and medical providers

2) Care planning provides triggers for follow-up patient encounters
  • Follow-up is exponentially important to help improve patient outcomes.
  • Care planning provides natural triggers (and in some cases electronic reminders) for follow-up appointments
  • If follow-up does not occur, patients are not receiving the care that they need from their CPESN pharmacy

3) Care planning assists for tracking patient goals, personal and therapeutic (e.g., blood pressure goals)
  • Helps the pharmacy staff as they strive to get a patient to their goal blood pressure. Patients are not going to meet their therapeutic goal from the very beginning, but the care plan can help track progress toward the therapeutic goal set by their provider. 
We now have 1,362 pharmacies that have submitted a care plan! Way to go!

Click  here to see the list of  1,362 CPESN pharmacies  who have submitted a care plan based on our criteria, in numerical order by NPI number ( this list was updated July 9, 2019 ).

If you believe your pharmacy submitted an eCare Plan, but don't see your NPI listed above, please complete this short webform (click  here ) and we will research your submission in collaboration with your technology vendor.
Track 1  
Track 1 is focused on submitting a care plan that is as simple as possible. This can be accomplished by submitting the  sample care plan components exactly as shown in the document. The sample care plan is meant to be submitted by a CPESN pharmacy staff member outside of workflow, so that you’re not having a disruption in workflow as you submit a care plan for the first time.
The goal of Track 1 is to help you submit one care plan.
Please view the sample care plan and download the sample care plan to view while documenting. (Click the image below.)
Below is information from our various Technology Solutions Partners that demonstrates how you can document the sample care plan within their system:
AZOVA:  AZOVA has extended its eCare Plan webinar series throughout the month of July. You can register and submit your eCare Plan DURING the webinar here. 
BestRx:  Click  here  
DocsInk:  Pharmacies should email Linda Powell:  lpowell@docsink.com or visit this  link to review how to document a care plan for a non-adherent patient that will benefit from being enrolled into a medication synchronization program.
FDS:  Click  here
Micro Merchant Systems:  Click  here for a care planning video and click here for a care planning guide.
  • Accessing the Sample Care Plan Recording and Sample Care Plan How To Guide: Click F1 or help in your PioneerRx Pharmacy Management System, then click PioneerRx University, then click Log in, then click the Course Library, then click Tab Select “Care Plans” as the topic, then click “Submitting an eCare Plan (CPESN Sample Case)” to view the video
  • If you don’t have a PioneerRx University account, send a call request to your account manager to begin your journey with PioneerRx
PrescribeWellness : Click  here
QS/1 : Click  here  
STRAND:  Follow these instructions:
  • Log into STRAND
  • Resources Tab>Training
  • Review Video Models
  • Model 3: Inputting Patient Information
  • Model 4: Submitting eCare Plans to CPESN.
Pharmacies with issues should email Sequoia:  sfrazier@strandrx.com
On behalf of the CPESN USA Team, thank you for being a CPESN pharmacy.