Class of 2017 Announcement Set for July 11, 
Induction & Awards Ceremony October 30
A voting committee comprised of well respected industry professionals has selected the the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Class of 2017 from a record number of nominations. The inductees will be formally welcomed into the Hall of Fame at a gala Induction & Awards Ceremony on October 30 in Las Vegas at the start of SEMA week.  The new inductees will be announced and tickets to the Induction & Awards Ceremony go on sale July 11.  The Class of 2017 will join the 83 current members of the Hall of Fame.

The task of moving the ORMHOF Dusty Times Collection out of the storage container and into climate controlled storage has begun.  
The big move: ORMHOF Volunteer Tom Heyl and ORMHOF Administrator Barbara Rainey transferring archives from the file cabinets to storage boxes.
Thanks to ORMHOF Volunteer Tom Heyl for his help on this project. Tom was presented with the ORMHOF Volunteer of the Year award in 2016, and continues to donate his time and energy to the Hall of Fame.  
The first day we were able to transfer four file cabinets (16 drawers) to file boxes. These will be more manageable to work with. 
We found some pretty cool images while we were working. It was hard not to stop and look at every single one! It's going to be an amazing collection when they are all digitized. We've posted these photos and more on our Facebook page, Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
One folder we opened at random contained this vintage photo of Hall of Famer Rod Hall.
It was pretty cool the share this find from the Dusty Times Archives with the man himself!
Moving in: The first batch of file boxes heading for interior climate controlled storage.
The second load of boxes ready to be unloaded in the climate controlled storage. 
We'll be putting the boxes up on risers, and covering them with tarps, to protect them from any type of moisture.
And with that, day one is complete. 16 drawers down, 28 to go! It looks like we'll have around 85 boxes when we're done, plus  several boxes of back issues of the magazine.
We are saving this file cabinet and turning it into something fun for the Silent Auction at the 2017 Induction and Awards Ceremony. Stay tuned!

to everyone who has contributed  to the preservation of
the  ORMHOF Dusty Times Collection. 

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ORMHOF Inductee and Board Member Bob Ham speaking at a recent hearing on Off-highway motor vehicle recreation at the California State Legislature.

We'd like to take a moment to thank the many people who work behind the scenes to keep public lands open to the public.  One of those people is our own Bob Ham, who has worked on land use issues for more than 40 years.  Thanks, Bob, for all you do! To read more about Bob, click on the Hall of Fame logo below.


On behalf of the entire board of directors, I would like to thank and
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Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

We invite you to join this distinguished group.
Mark McMillin, Chairman

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