Wednesday, May 31, 2017
The Gateway to Extraordinary Possibilities
Class of 2017 Graduates Visit Former Elementary Schools 
This morning the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) kicked off a new and exciting tradition—Senior Walks!

Members of the River City High School Class of 2017 returned to their former elementary schools throughout our school district while wearing their caps and gowns to walk the halls celebrating their achievements and inspiring the next generation of graduates to continue working hard and to stay focused on their goals. It was a touching moment allowing students, teachers and staff to reminisce and share the joy of graduation.

Good Day Sacramento joined the action at Riverbank Elementary to capturing the excitement for our community and showcasing what’s possible for ALL children in West Sacramento. Watch the live segment online at

Today’s positive momentum will carry over into the evening as we join our amazing community partners, the City of West Sacramento and the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce as they host Mayor Cabaldon’s Annual State of the City Address featuring the launch of West Sacramento’s new program, the Kid’s Home Run. 

The unique initiative allows us to combine our efforts to further support student achievement by bringing together a guarantee of universal preschool, plus college savings accounts for every child graduating preschool and entering public kindergarten in the Washington Unified School District, paid internships in high school, free community college, university scholarships, and digital badges to mark skills. 

“This partnership is truly symbolic of an entire village coming together to raise and support our children throughout their educational journey to have the best chance at a successful future,” said Washington Unified Superintendent Linda C. Luna. “We have a unique opportunity in West Sacramento to not only transform our school district but our entire community into one that is a gateway to extraordinary possibilities for ALL children—the Kid’s Home Run is the perfect catalyst to ensure our continued success.”

Stay tuned for more updates from the State of the City Address later today and additional program details to follow in a joint news release tomorrow, June 1st. 
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