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Here's What We Are Learning 
Professionalism is the  theme of the first week's lessons. Check out the pictures and the summaries below to learn more about the guests we had in class and what they shared with the students. Next week we take our first business tour and learn about the history of regional entrepreneurship and conduct True Colors Training, a personality preference indicator that will help their students in communicating and team building.

Thank you to Principal Trevor Doughty and Charleston High School for lending us a computer table.

Location: Lifespan Center (unless noted below), 11021 E. Cty. Rd. 800 N. Charleston (Loxa Rd just northeast of SBLHS).  Class is open and everyone is welcome. 
We are so thankful for the generosity of the Coles County businesses that sponsor ClassE. For a complete listing and more information about these businesses, please click below.  We also appreciate the that the Lifespan Center serves as our home base throughout the year. We hope you support them as they support us!

Getting to Know Each Other

The class got to know each other on
the first day by playing ClassE Bingo, Have You E ver, and competed in creativity games. Kevin and Julia were our individual winners, but working with a team yielded the most ideas.
The Art of Conversation

Bob Schultz, of Schultz Investment Company, always kicks the class off right by teaching students how to make a good first impression and have meaningful conversations. By using a visualization technique first used by Dale Carnegie, he demonstrated how we can find something to talk about with anyone. He also shared that learning how connect people with ideas is the key to a successful career.
Class Expectations & Lifespan Tour

Gary Philippi from the Eastern Illinois E
ducation for Employment Systems addressed the group regarding expectations in attendance and communication. 

Then Sherri Pforr of the Lifespan Cen ter share
the history  of the building and discus sed all of the 
great services that ar e provided in the building. 
Did you know they have
beauty shop and movie theater?

Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette was the lesson for the day on Thursday. Dr. Jill Nilsen and Mr. Todd Vilardo showed students the "do's and don'ts " when in an interview or networking event. How many "don'ts" can you spot in this picture of our late guest?

Practicing Skills and Learning Canvas

Sue Nugent of Lake Land College, taught the students how to use Canvas and made sure their logins were working. Then, we simulated a reception and had the students work on their greeting and conversational skills.  The first journals should be uploaded by 11 pm this Sunday evening.
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