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Location: Lifespan Center (unless noted below), 11021 E. Cty. Rd. 800 N. Charleston (Loxa Rd just northeast of SBLHS).  Class is open and everyone is welcome. 
Experiencing the Magic of Television and Radio  

Ke'an Armstrong of WEIU at Eastern Illinois University, spoke to the class about nonprofit broadcasting and we toured both the television and radio stations. Luke and Ashley gave ClassE a shout-out on the air with Rob Calhoun. 

EIU has won numerous Emmys and provides wonderful on-air experience to students who choose to pursue this field. We also learned about underwriting and public service announcements that we can use to help educate the public about the ClassE experience.
Becoming Millionaires 

Jeff Oetting, owner of Oetting Insurance and a serial entrepreneur, shared his personal business journey and discussed how decisions students make today about college and cars, can make a big difference to their future. He discussed the time value of money and told students that they could become millionaires if they learn early to live beneath their means.  
Understanding the 5 C's of Banking

Megan McElwee and Jarrod Scherle of First Mid-Illinois Bank and Trust gave a wonderful primer discussing what banks evaluate when lending money. We discussed how banks like to partner with businesses who has "skin in the game." They also volunteered to run helpful industry reports for the student's to use in their business plans.

First Mid-Illinois Bank and Trust has more than $3 billion in assets and have grown through mergers with other banks.
Empowering & Igniting Potential 

Susan Hanfland, ClassE mentor and owner of SCH Consulting, facilitated the Lou Tice's PX2 program. This is the Pacific Institute's Youth Program and we will be taking the four classes to complete this 12-part course.

Friday, we learned about our blindspots and how others see the world in a different way. Ask your students what they saw in the cards on the left.
We are so thankful for the generosity of the Coles County businesses that sponsor ClassE. For a complete listing and more information about these businesses, please click below.  We also appreciate the that the Lifespan Center serves as our home base throughout the year. We hope you support them as they support us!


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