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You are Invited to Networking Day
Friday, November 4th
8-9:20 am Lifespan Center Auditorium
All investors, mentors, parents, school representatives, alumni and board are invited. 
The students would like to welcome you to class and share information about their group and individual businesses and have some fun.

We had another successful Mentor Match Night and trained five new mentors and had them fill out their True Colors' Assessments.

Location: Lifespan Center (unless noted below), 11021 E. Cty. Rd. 800 N. Charleston (Loxa Rd just northeast of SBLHS).  Class is open and everyone is welcome. 
Isaac Dallas Visits ClassE

ClassE alumni Isaac Dallas visited the class and told them about his college experience, his internship with State Farm Insurance and his business venture he is trying to get funded. Google has paid his flight out to the Edu-Cause conference and he will be meeting with Amazon while he is at the conference. This all happened through his networking and early work in college.

Isaac bought a spirit sipper from the first student that asked him. You always need to make the ask.

Perfecting the 5-minute Interview at the Mentor Match
Thank you to all of the mentors who spent time getting to know the students this Monday night at the ClassE Mentor Match. This year, the students will be sharing their weekly journals with the mentors, so they get a better idea of what the students are learning.
Organizing Products for the Best Customer Experience

Chad Smith of Rural King Supply gave us a tour of their huge distribution center. Rural King started their first store in Mattoon and now has 95 stores in 11 different states and employee approximately 3000 associates. They plan to double their size in the next 5 years.

They have automated the sorting process over the past few years and have added more shelving for inventory.

Ted Sells spoke to the students about the values of Rural King that all of the employees have helped identify. They are:  be passionate, be an owner, be of service and be a merchant. 

Finding New Ways to Sell 

The students have shown their sales skills by selling at the parent/teacher conferences and at the football games. They have sold 146 out of the 400 spirit sippers and will breakeven with 14 more sales. Their goal is to make a $4,500 profit.

They are exploring how to make the individual sales through sales outlets such as the schools and businesses in the area. This weekend they will be at both Walmarts and the Charleston Rural King from 11-3 pm on Sat and at Charleston Walmart 11-3 pm on Sunday.They will also be contacting businesses that are looking for a unique holiday present to give to their valued customers or employees. If you are interested, contact Noah Patterson, Luke Jurka, Julia Griffin or Emma Mitchell at

We are so thankful for the generosity of the Coles County businesses that sponsor ClassE. For a complete listing and more information about these businesses, please click below.  We also appreciate the that the Lifespan Center serves as our home base throughout the year. We hope you support them as they support us!


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