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Students chose a great product for their business by doing research, asking people their opinions and identifying trends. Then, they jumped into action to get the product here in time for the Coles County Clash. 

Location: Lifespan Center (unless noted below), 11021 E. Cty. Rd. 800 N. Charleston (Loxa Rd just northeast of SBLHS).  Class is open and everyone is welcome. 
Researching the Best Deal

Last week, the students landed on selling the trendy stainless steel coffee mugs and customize them for Charleston Trojan and Mattoon Green Wave fans. Now the work comes in to compare and contrast the prices with different venders and making sure shipping doesn't blow the profit margin.

Deciding Upon the Management Team and Defining Roles

Every business needs division of labor to finish all the tasks necessary to succeed. It shocked me that no one wanted to be CEO as their first choice, but Ashley volunteered and the other students all have titles and job descriptions that will use their individual talents to make the business run smoothly. Ask your student what their role is within the business.
Learning about the Hospitality Business

Jim Severson, co-owner of the Alamo and several hotel franchises, gave us a tour of the popular Alamo Restaurant and discussed the restaurant and lodging business. We learned about many things including: triple-net leases, developing processes so quality can be maintained and how occupancy can drive the rates charged. 

To Franchise or not to Franchise - That is the Question

John Inyart, owner of Inyart Tire and Auto, discussed the growth and expansion of his business. Once a very active Midas Franchisee, John discussed the pros and cons of buying a franchise business. He also discussed selling his corner lot to a pharmacy that has actually increased his business because of a number of people that pharmacy draws daily. John is also the former mayor of Charleston and discussed why giving back to your community is important.

How to Create "Buzz" for your Business

Ann Beck, Co-owner of Flesor's Candy Kitchen, shared the story of how she and her sister re-opened their family candy business that is now a informal community center and major business for Tuscola. They have done a phenomenal job getting their story told by national television and newspaper outlets and are always thinking of ways to promote sales through business-to-business as well as individuals looking for a unique experience. She also shared candy with the class - a big hit!
We are so thankful for the generosity of the Coles County businesses that sponsor ClassE. For a complete listing and more information about these businesses, please click below.  We also appreciate the that the Lifespan Center serves as our home base throughout the year. We hope you support them as they support us!


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