April 3 2020

In this notice:
Singing the Blues
By: Catherine DuBay-GM
I have to admit I was pretty down this week when the SIP was extended through May 3. I am a fairly positive person and can keep a glass half full attitude most of the time. However, that news definitely got to me. Even if the SIP is lifted, who knows when the club will be able to open? That could be weeks after and this is just sad. So, I do what I usually do when I am feeling sorry for myself and everyone else, I go running. It lifts my spirits and resets my bad attitude. I know we can get through this and I will continue to do what I can here to help you. With equipment rentals, virtual classes, links to at home workouts, etc. But probably most important is my promise to you that I will keep working hard to take care of our staff, get long needed repairs taken care of while we are closed and keep my chin up through it all. Hang in there Montecito family. We will be back together again one day soon!
Virtual Classes
Coming to you live from...Montecito Heights; virtual classes! Grab a mat, maybe a set of weights or a couple cans of corn or whatever you have in your house and join our instructors for a workout.
You can participate in the classes live or you can do it when it is convenient for you.
How? Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (even though it says Studios Cycle Core it is a shared channel with Montecito Heights) This is where you can live stream the class or come back later and see all of the classes on our channel.

Check out the schedule . The schedule will be updated each Friday for the following week. You do NOT need sign up for the class. And be sure to check the channel regularly as we are adding classes all the time that are not live streamed or on the schedule.
On Wednesday, April 1, the owners treated all staff to a family meal for 4. Staff drove through our pick up location, we waved hello and placed their meal in their trunk. It was so wonderful to see (at a safe distance) over 100 staff members and be able to brighten their day with a wonderful meal.
The hotel is open and is here to assist in any way during these times and if you or anyone in the community is In need of housing for essential businesses, or just tired of your family, please feel free to reach out. Please contact Ashley for questions.
The Flamingo, long known for their incredible Easter Brunch, is offering a 2020 version of this tradition. Take-Away Easter Brunch is available for pick up on Saturday, April 11.
You will love the food and the break from being in the kitchen.