Dear YULA Girls Students and Parents,

We appreciate your patience as we navigate our way through the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you are all well and we certainly miss you on campus. School will be closed tomorrow Friday, March 13th, until further notice.

All of your classes have now moved online and you will be able to access them through the Zoom Link on all of your PowerSchool class pages.

The school day will begin at 7:45am as usual, and will follow your regular class schedule ( click here for the Bell Schedule ). We highly recommend that you set up a workstation and join your classes alert and ready to work! Attendance will be taken in every class based on your Zoom login info. Teachers will be ready and waiting for all of you to join their classes via Zoom.

Tefilah groups will also be led via Zoom. It is especially important during times of crisis that we come together, even if only in a digital platform, to daven to HaShem. Each group will decide with their Tefilah teacher how they will use their time together. To access your Tefilah class, please locate your teacher's Zoom link on the PowerSchool page named YULA BaBayit (Zoom).

All Athletic practices/games have been canceled until further notice. As such all Spring Athletes should now be attending PE classes via Zoom.

All Co-Curriculars and afterschool programs are canceled until further notice.

We understand that this is a unique and difficult situation and we are doing our very best to ensure that learning continues and you do not fall behind in your school work. Should you have specific class concerns, please be in touch with your individual teachers.

Zoom has already been installed on your school computer. Please see the attached document with clear instructions regarding access to Zoom for your classes.
If you are having individual issues and need help setting this up, please contact our Director of Educational Technology, Mr. Ethan Piliavin at .

Thank you so much and may we only hear B'Sorot Tovot (good news) soon!
Yehudis Benhamou
Director of General Studies
Racheli Luftglass
Director of Judaic Studies
Dr. Natalie Williams
Associate Principal
YULA Girls High School | 310-203-0755 |