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April, 2016     
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College Night
Thursday night 6 pm classes are still College Nights, but THEY WILL END MAY 1. A valid college ID gets you into class for a $5 drop-in.

Need An Office With Free Good Vibes?
 L ooking for a new mediation space or a simple office? There is an available office space for rent in the Bikram studio. $300/month includes everything. Ask Cheryl if you want to check it out. (Wait until you see the gorgeous exposed brick - the room is a complete hidden gem). 

New Men's Line In
A new selection of men's shorts has arrived. Indrawear shorts are now available. We have both short and long board shorts. 
Jess Is Back (Soon)!
We are all excited to announce that Jess is coming back after taking some time to be with her new babe. Her first official class will be Monday, April 18 9:30 am. 



"Spring is the time of plans and projects."  

"What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms." 
Kobayashi Issa

"It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart." 
Rainer Maria Rilke










Dear fellow yogis and yoginis,

What else can we say, but it's gorgeous outside! Spring is here for real (though in Missoula also means that half the day will be grey and foggy/rainy)! The snow is melting and we are all emerging from our winter cocoons of blankets and down parkas. Come in and watch the sun shine into the studio. We can't wait to see you!

Warmest regards,

and the BYM crew


Schedule Change 
for the Foundation Training Workshop
BYM will host a Foundation Training Workshop on Saturday, April 23rd, 12-5pm, so we will have the 9:30 Core class ONLY. There will be no 4 pm class. 
If you're interested in the Foundation philosophy, check out their website  here . Or, you can listen to their TED talk  here .

Thank You, Rieki Yogis!
Thanks to all the Reiki instructors and all of the people who came to our special Reiki class. Donations from the participants raised $325 for Watson Children's Shelter. Check out these pictures of the Reiki yogis in action. 

Smart(er) Water
We have officially converted over to a new water bottle system and we are no longer selling Smart Waters. Instead, look for brand new klean kanteen water bottles to be rented/filled (and left at the studio!) if you forget one. After you have used one you can return them to the bin on the top of the fridge.

Cast Your Vote for the Summer Schedule
It's voting time once again. In the summer we always trim the class schedule because so many people are out and about on the rivers and mountains. Please take a moment to give us your feedback about the possible changes for the summer schedule. The survey is here.
The new schedule will begin in May 1st, which means that if you are interested in the Summer Challenge you should definitely vote! The 4-month summer challenge lasts from June 1 through the end of September.  Prepare your schedules!
Here is a quick preview of the kinds of things we're thinking about for the summer schedule:
  • 6:30 am classes are staying.
  • 9:30 am classes on the chopping block. Please help us choose mornings!
  • 6 pm on Monday and Wednesday evening are on the chopping block. Do they matter to you?
  • We are thinking about a 90-minute 7 am class on Tuesday and Thursday. Would you come?
  • Should we move CORE 40 to Tues 6 pm and/or Friday 9:30am?
  • Is anyone attached to the Sunday 4 pm class?
Post-Yoga Etiquette: The Showers
We need everyone to plan on very short showers after class. We are so happy to be able to offer you the luxury of showers at this studio - and it really is a luxury since it's quite hard to find studio space that includes shower facilities. However, we need to take a moment to ask you to please make your post-yoga showers very quick. Many people squeeze a class in during a small window in their busy lives, so we ask you to be respectful of your fellow yogi's time and limit your shower to no longer than 3 minutes.

Schedule Updates:
Stay up to date with our daily or weekly schedule  HERE.
Playing with Padangustasana, Toe Stand
Often photographed and shown on magazine covers and social media profiles alike, Toe Stand is a hallmark posture of the Bikram series. Some of it's popularity comes from how impressive it looks, but surely some also comes from the fact that it takes a long yoga path (and a LOT of patience) for most people to be able to come into the full expression of the posture.
        The final posture in the standing series, Toe Stand looks like an impossible feat of hip flexibility to some yogis, but there are many stages of the posture and everyone can do some part of it - even if it is going back into the previous posture, Tree Pose. Like Tree Pose, Toe Stand improves posture and balance and the flexibility of the ankles, knees, and hips.  One of the most important things to know about Tree Pose and Toe Stand is that if you try too hard, you aren't doing it right (and you can risk injury to the knee!).
        Coming out of Tree Pose, you are already in position for Toe Stand. The first step is to shift your eyes to the floor four feet in front of you. If you know that your hip or hamstring flexibility limits you in Toe Stand, come back to Tree Pose, but shift your eyes to four feet in front of you on the floor anyway. The first step is to keep your eyes focused on where you want to go - and in Toe Stand, you want to eventually go down.
        The next step is to begin to bring your upper body forward. For some people, this step will result in coming all the way forward to place the hands on the floor in front of the feet. For others, it might look like holding the raised foot while beginning to bend forward at the waist - and here is where patience is a yoga-posture virtue!
        Once you can put your hands on the floor, bring the weight forward into your hands and bring your hips to your down heel. The work from here to the full expression of the posture takes a lot of experimentation for most yogis because it requires that the muscles in your foot, hip, lower core, and full spine work together to allow you to balance and lift your weight up toward the ceiling. The very, very last step is to bring your eyes up to the mirror.
        Although Toe Stand has much in common with the other Bikram postures in that it requires the body and mind to work very closely together, it also benefits from something else: a sense of play. If you're too serious, it makes it harder - but if you bring a light, playful mindset to the balancing work, your body will more quickly figure out how to do all these difficult things at once and suddenly, you'll be looking at yourself in the mirror in a sweet, balanced Toe Stand.