Spotlight: New Class!
Self-Advocacy &  Self-Determination 
Fridays 2-4 pm

 This new class to Pathway's spring education line up focuses on self-advocacy, achieving greater independence, and learning to assert oneself within the community. More specifically, this course will discuss communication styles, active listening, rules, rights and responsibilities, voting, life after high school, as well as understanding the IDEA and ADA law and how to shape it by participating in local and statewide groups. Activities include meeting your representative(s), procuring a voter's registration card, and how to participate in State and local advocacy activities and agencies.

Spotlight: New Class!
Dance and Movement
4 weeks starting April 22nd-Fridays
Time to get up and get movin! Pathway is offering you a chance to learn a few new dance steps while getting your body shaking! This class does not require previous dance experience. Just come and have fun!
Spotlight: New Class!
Art Sampling
4 weeks starting May 20th-Fridays 10:00-11:30am
This 4 art week class will explore many new aspects of art including soap making, mosaic squares, and other fun and eventful craft ideas. Join us! 

Relationships and Dating
Wednesdays 1-3pm

R.A.D. is a 12-week class for adults who experience developmental disabilities who want to learn about physical development, body image, self-esteem, social skills, dating, relationships, anatomy and sexuality. R.A.D rests on a foundation of positive and healthy sexuality across the life span. At the end of the 12 week course students will be invited to participate in a speed dating mixer that will be open to other like-minded individuals in the community, to celebrate all they have learned and have the opportunity to meet new people.

Spotlight: New Class!
Reading About Me
Thursdays 3-4pm
Reading About Me! (RAM) is a beginning reading program specifically designed to hold the interest of visual learners and can be used by parents, teachers or anyone interested to teach individuals of all ages to read. Success is maximized when the approach is fun and personalized to the interests of the learner.
Mondays 1-3pm
This class is a hands‐on participation and activities. All aspects of gardening—from germinating the seeds at the Sky Park Community center, to planting them in our Central Point Community Garden plot, to cultivating and harvesting. Come have fun, get your hands dirty and watch your food grow!
Beginners-Tuesdays 10-12pm
Intermediate-Wednesdays 10-12pm
The same fun cooking that you have done in the past, but this time you can decide if you are a beginner or intermediate cooker! The definitions are listed.
Beginner: Limited to no kitchen experience. Requires one on one assistance with cutting/knives and general kitchen safety.
Intermediate: Overall knowledge of kitchen safety and cooking at least 2 or more times per week for self or help with others. Can use a knife independently as well as a oven and stove top. As ability to follow recipe with minimal assistance.
Don't miss out!

Public Transportation
Wednesdays 1-3pm
This course is designed to assist you in navigating our local public transportation system. Whether you are a new rider or seasoned rider, this course is for you if you want to improve your knowledge of the system and increase your safety awareness. Riding public transportation is a cost effective way to get around the valley. RVTD will be providing a bus and instruction. Let's go!

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Sign Language
Tuesdays/Thursdays 2-4pm

Conversational Sign is designed for learning and practicing receptive and expressive forms of communication, finger spelling, numbers and conversational skills, to converse with people who have hearing impairments.

Our course is based on a 12 week curriculum, which meets twice a week for two hours each session. Each session is a building block for the next and each is based on a comprehensive review of materials thru lecture, interaction and practice

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Skills Knowledge & You
Tuesdays/Thursdays 1-3pm
SKY is designed to enhance and develop skills that will help create opportunities for you to obtain and maintain a job. 

SKY was created to increase your direct work skills as well as soft skills such as self-esteem, self-confidence and communication, all working together to ensure you are Job Ready!

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Skills for Living
(formerly ILS)
Mondays 10-12pm

The Skills for Living course is designed to enhance your current abilities, as well as to assist you in obtaining new skills.  We want to help maximize your independence thru practical lessons based on needs and real life experiences.  Instruction will be provided thru hands-on presentation, role playing, videos and assessments.  Class size will be limited to 7 participants.

In addition you will be able to increase your self-esteem and competence in living a more independent life. Provide tangible information identifying your strengths and your areas of improvement.  You will be given a Certificate of Completion.

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To register or for more information please contact: 
Pathway Enterprises, Inc
Ali Brown