Below are answers to the questions that came up in the Classic CUBA Informational meeting we had earlier this week, plus some other information. Please review.

As stated, this is a popular cruise and not many cabins are available. So if you plan to join us, or have friends who want to take this unique opportunity to go to Cuba with you, please make your deposit as soon as possible. CLICK HERE for deposits and payments.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at or 678.231.4973.
Our cruise includes an Open Bar, both on the ship and at the Stirrup Cay Island for the Beach Party. The Open Bar includes all alcoholic drinks, at no additional cost to you!
Our amenities include the following:
  • Prepaid Service Charges. No need to pay gratuity, unless you optionally want to, it is totally your choice. This one I highly recommend for everyone.
  • OPTIONAL:- 20 Photo Package, per Cabin
  • OPTIONAL - 3-Night Specialty Dining Package, per cabin
  • OPTIONAL - $50 Per Port Shore Excursion Credit, per Cabin (Recommended to use for rental of a Cabana at the Great Stirrup Cay, so you have a choice of cover or sun.
  • OPTIONAL - Internet Package, per Cabin

Special Note: Roommates have to choose the same option for the cabin.
There are only 3 Ocean View Cabins available. They will be assigned first-come, first-served.

The cost for an Oceanview cabin is an additional $125 per cabin or $62.50 per person, double occupancy bringing the per person Ocean View total trip cost to $1,557.50.
Single Inside Cabins are an additional $855, for a total trip cost of $2,350.

If you want an Ocean View Single Cabin, add the $125 for a total trip cost of $2,475.
The payment plans follow:
  • Double Occupancy - Inside Cabin
Deposit $195 - 6 Monthly; 4 payments of $225 and 2 payments of $200.
  • Single Occupancy - Inside Cabin
Deposit $350 - 6 Monthly; 4 payments of $350 and 2 payments of $300.

Payment reminders wil be sent out. Other arrangements can be made, if requested.
You must be Paid in Full by March 1, 2018.
A Passport and a Visa are required to travel to Cuba. Please ensure that your Passport will have a minimum of 6-months remaining on it after the cruise. If not, you will need to renew it to assure you have the required time remaining.

Obtaining your Visa is included in your package. Arrangements will be made to secure it for you.

FYI: Passport Cards are not accepted for this trip. The US is not issuing Visas for Cuba, NCL does not get their Visas through the USA.
Please review the video about Cuban Currency. Cuba DOES NOT ACCEPT US DOLLARS or credit/debit cards. You must exchange your money. You can do it at the ship dock in Cuba, or go to your bank and get Euros.

Please ignore the specific suggestion in the video to exchange at the airport. We will not be at the airport in Cuba.
We should not have any safety concerns since we are cruising, and eating and sleeping on the ship. None have been reported by NCL.

It is recommended that you do not bring/wear flashy jewelry, etc., so as not to attempt crimes of opportunity. Have been told there have been no issues, but you do not want to be the first one!

Also, please understand the currency and make sure you recognize the difference between the Cuban Convertible dollar (CUC) and the Cuban Peso (CUP). The  CUC  is worth 25 times as much as the  CUP . This is important when paying for items/services. I have not heard of any incidents, but again you do not want to be the first!

Please do not go out on your own without telling someone in our group where you are going and the time you expect to return. It is definitely better to travel with at least one other person, particularly if you do not speak fluent Spanish!
Have your telephone turned completely off so as not to rack up roaming charges when you are not using your phone.

If you want to use your telephone, contact your service provider and inquire about their international calling packages.
Please include your Delta Frequent Flyer number when you fill out the travel document I will be sending, if you want to have your miles added to your account.

If not, you can always contact Delta following the trip and they will add them to your account.
The insurance covers reimbursement for the prepaid, non-refundable, unused portion of your vacation should you need to cancel or interrupt your vacation.

If your reason for cancellation is not covered for reimbursement under the plan, you will receive credit for a future cruise.

Click Here for a copy of the full policy, for your review.

It is recommended you use the pre-planned excursions arranged by NCL for any guided excursions in Cuba.

You are welcomed to explore on your own, but realize that the locals speak Spanish. On the tours, your guide will speak English.

You can book on the ship, or once I get you logged in, you will be able to review all the offered excursions and select those you want.
Our scheduled flight is to arrive in Miami by 10:30a.m. on Monday, May 7, 2018.

The ship is scheduled to leave the dock at 5:00p.m. We must be on the ship no later than
2-hours prior to departure.

We will allow time for getting off the plane, the transportation to the dock, and embarkation on the ship, with enough time not to be rushed.
Ground transportation from the airport to the ship dock, both on arrival and departure, is included in your package.

Remember, you are responsible for your luggage getting off the plane and the driver will help to get it onto the transportation vehicle. Tipping the driver is suggested, but, your choice.
  , this should answer all the questions and concerns that have arisen so far. Of course, should you have other questions, please feel free to contact me by return email or call or send me a text at 678.231.4973. If you send a text, please put your name at the bottom of your message so I will know for sure, who it is from. Thanks!

Be Happy, Be Healthy and Join Us for our Classic CUBA Cruise!!!
I am looking forward to traveling with you!