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How to Avoid the 5 Classic Termination Mistakes!
Terminations may cause employees to cry, become defensive or even turn violent. Others may even distort what happens during your termination meeting to justify a lawsuit against you. Here are five ways to defuse terminated employees’ justifications for a lawsuit down the line:

Keep Your Cool

Avoid heightening an already emotional situation. Do not spring the news suddenly or berate the employee in front of others.
Avoid Surprises

Employees should never be completely surprised by a termination. Give them regular feedback on performance and suggest ways for them to improve. At the very least, poor performance reviews prove to a court that you had valid reasons for terminating someone.
Be Compassionate, but Firm

You may feel compassion for the person you must terminate, but do not be overly apologetic or express your feelings in the wrong way. If the employee's performance is substandard, tell them that, but do not be giving compliments on other aspects of their performance. Doing so might make you feel better, but it will only give them cause to question and challenge your reasons for the termination. And your off-handed compliments could turn up as evidence against you in a wrongful-termination suit.

Watch What You Say

On the day you terminate someone, they will remember whatever you say in the worst possible light. While you should always avoid making discriminatory statements, be especially cautious during a termination meeting.

Keep Quiet

Do not discuss your reasons for the termination with other employees. It is enough to say, “Jamie will not be working with us anymore.” Some managers have spoken too freely about the reasons for a departed employee’s termination, only to find themselves in court defending themselves against a defamation-of-character suit.
"Bonus Termination Tip"
Sometimes you need to put things on 'pause', take a breath, and think through the reasons and ramifications of a termination. A second opinion will verify you are making a sound decision or it will raise questions you need to consider. Give us a call. We would be glad to help! 605.335.8198
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Did You Know?
Even in this day of 'penny pinching', many people do not understand how much money their companies lose by failing to retain key employees.

For example, replacing an HR manager in the automotive industry can cost $133,803. A machine-works company that loses a skilled, salaried machinist can lose $102,796 from its bottom line. And the loss of a store manager can cost a fast-food chain $121,931.

To conquer turnover you need to first calculate the true impact it is having on your business. Alternative HR can help you with this process!

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