"We need to talk" is something you hear from the sideline at training or games trying to encourage players to communicate to each other on the field. Communication is a key part of a player's and team's success on the field. Unfortunately, it is an area of the game that most players struggle to do well. It is a difficult skill and it does not come naturally to a lot of kids. So, here are a few ways we can help players "communicate" on the field. 

Teach Players to Communicate

From the youngest beginners to the older more experienced players, all are very different from one another. Players share similar qualities, but I have not been around two players who play the game, or approach playing the game, the exact same way. While coaching kids, I have asked them to tell me what they think makes them a good soccer player or why they are different from other players. Most struggle to give me an answer to these questions.  Read more! 
Evan Spires, a member of Classics Eagles U9 Boys Rangers, is this week's Classics Eagles Spotlight player. Evan is known as the "King of the Ronaldo-Scissor" as he uses it all of the time in games, but his Coach, Andy Dunaway, nominated Evan for his love to play the game and his strong desire to always get better when he steps on the field. Here is more about Evan from Coach Andy...

"Evan is an outstanding listener, always focused on what his coaches can provide him to continue to make him a better player. He always hustles - whether it is to be first in line for a training drill or to help pick-up cones after practice, he's always at the ready. He's always the first to lend a hand to a teammate, whether it's to come over and congratulate them for accomplishing something or to provide positive encouragement to a teammate that needs a lift. His teammates respect him for these attributes and look to Evan to lead them, with a calm, cool demeanor."

We asked Evan to tell us more about himself and his team. This is what he had to say.  READ MORE!

Hot Sauce U14 2nd Place
Arnold 3v3
Rangers U9 Boys 3rd Place
Arnold 3v3

National Athletic Training Month Spotlight  

Each March, the medical community comes together to recognize the important role athletic trainers play in helping active patients stay healthy and treat injuries when they occur. Athletic Trainers (ATs) specialize in injury prevention, recognition, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation, with an additional focus on healthcare administration and education.
ATs work in a variety of industries, such as professional sports, colleges and universities, high schools, clinics and hospitals, corporate and industrial settings, performing arts and military branches.
For athletic trainers to be certified, they must obtain a bachelor's degree from a CATTE accredited program and pass the Board of Certification Exam. 
Beginning in 2023, athletic training education will switch to a professional program, meaning ATs will be certified at the master's level. There are also doctorate level programs and post-professional residency programs for ATs to further their education and expertise.
What does athletic training education cover? As part of their professional education, ATs study the subjects below. These are known as the Athletic Training Education Competencies:
* Evidence-based practice
* Prevention and health promotion
* Clinical examination and diagnosis
* Acute care of injury and illness
* Therapeutic interventions
* Psychosocial strategies and referral
* Health care administration
* Professional development and responsibility
Interested in learning more about what athletic trainers do or how to become one? Check out the National Athletic Trainers' Association or  Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education for more information! 

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Please continue to utilize the Orthopedic ONE Sports Injury Hotline at 614-827-8210 for sports injury concerns requiring immediate response.

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