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In this edition of  The Back of the Net , you will find information on what is happening currently with Classics Eagles.

As we announced last week, the Summer Skills Series has started and the first training video has been released. Look for a new video every Thursday through the summer posted on the Classics Eagles social media pages. The first video is included below. Please share with us videos of your kids practicing their skills on their own and having fun with the ball!

We are still looking for more players! There are still a few roster spots open for next season! Classics Eagles is  currently looking for players in the following age groups:
  • 2012 Boys
  • 2007 Girls
  • 2006 Girls 
  • 2005 Girls (8th Graders) 
If you are interested, please contact Tony Earp at tearp@superkickcolumbus.com or fill out our player registration form by clicking here !

Classics Eagles is offering Summer Soccer Clinics  for anyone interested in heading into the Fall season with more confidence and an enhanced ability with the ball. Sessions are led by Tony Earp, Classics Eagles Director and Classics Eagles professional staff. Flexible scheduling available around your summer commitments, small groups, and professional instruction make this a great program for your child to improve their skills!

This week's article "Expectations for a New Season" talks about the importance of aligning expectations between the players, parents, and the coaches on what to expect as the season begins.

Finally, uniform fittings for the 2019-20 season start this week. A message was sent to all registered players' parents with additional information. Please contact Tony Earp with any questions.

We hope you are having some fun in the sun!

Yours in Soccer,

The Classics Eagles Leadership Team 
Summer Soccer Skills - Activity #1

  Next Summer Skills Series Video will be released Thursday 
on the Classics Eagles Social Media Pages!
Classics Eagles Summer   Soccer Clinics

Train this summer with Tony Earp, Classics Eagles Director, and the Classics Eagles professional staff. Sessions will be designed to help players improve their individual skills, confidence with the ball, understanding of how to play the game, and their physical capabilities. Flexible summer scheduling available. U7 to HS age groups offered.  Register Today!
Expectations for a 
New Season

When a new season approaches, we anxiously wonder what is in store for us as practices begins and games are scheduled. All parents want their child to have a successful season, and I think most would define that by a child having fun and learning how to play the game. Although both of those ideas are very broad and "having fun" and "learning" means different things to different people. Some may feel "having fun" means winning, and "learning" means a child playing in their strongest position and improving those skills.    Read more!
Additional Services by Classics Eagles

We want to provide Classics Eagles players, coaches, and families, and those outside of the club, with all of the resources needed to navigate the youth sport and soccer experience in the most effective and beneficial way. With Classics Eagles resources and years of experience in youth sports, we can provide additional support outside 
of the team experience.  Learn more!

Warm Weather Hydration Tips

Proper hydration is key for anyone aiming to live a healthy lifestyle. However, during the warm summer months, adequate hydration is also essential to ensure that an athlete avoids heat illness and can continue to perform at their best. Use these tips from the National Athletic Trainers' Association to "beat the heat" this summer and stay healthy!
Before Activity:  Consume 16-24 fl.oz. within two hours of exercise. For athletes exercising in extreme hot, cold or humid conditions, or at high altitudes, it is helpful to record their weight. This will help establish how much water is being lost during their workout.
During Activity:   Athletes should aim to drink 6-12 fl.oz. every 10-20 minutes during their training session.
After Activity:  Once an athlete completes their training for the day, they should record their weight again. Then make sure to consume 16-24 fl.oz. for each pound lost over the next 2 to 6 hours.
Type of Fluids
When conditions are hot and humid or if an athlete is performing an especially long or taxing workout, sometimes drinking water isn't enough. Sweating results in the loss the body's electrolytes, which are minerals found in blood and other bodily fluids that are essential for performance and function.  Consuming sports drinks to replenish lost electrolytes is essential. Types of fluids to AVOID include beverages with more than 8% carbohydrate concentration, such as fruit juice and soda, or beverages containing honey or carbohydrate gel. These products can slow the rate in which the body absorbs fluids and will put athletes at an increased risk for dehydration.
Recognizing Heat Illness
It is also vital to recognize the signs of dehydration, which can have a negative impact on an athlete's performance and health. Signs of dehydration include feeling thirsty, the presence of dark urine  or  a 2% drop in drop in body weight from the previous day. In addition, symptoms like headaches, weakness, dizziness, muscle cramps, nausea, irritability and decreased performance can appear. It is important to recognize these symptoms and act to prevent the onset of the severe and potentially fatal condition of heat stroke. 

Orthopedic ONE Clinic Hours for Classics Eagles! Click HERE for all the details!
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