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Dear Classics Eagles Families:

WE ARE READY FOR THE SESAON! We are kicking things off with our team camps this week and inter-club scrimmages this weekend. The players are excited to train with their teammates and get ready for the upcoming Fall season. We wish all of the teams the best of luck as they step on the field to compete, develop and have fun!

Thank you to all the Classics Eagles Coaches who attended the Coach Education courses this weekend at SuperKick. We are grateful for your commitment to your growth as coaches and the development of your players.

The Summer Skills Series #5 and #6   videos were released, and that will conclude the Summer Skills Series for this year. The new training activities are provided below. We hope your child took advantage of these videos to help them prepare for the upcoming season by growing their skill and confidence with the ball!

If you like Foot Skills training, Classics Eagles is offering Friday Night Foot Skills and Play sessions all Fall starting August 9th!

This week's article  "My 9 Year Old is a Forward"  challenges the practice of players specializing in positions too early in their development. To help players improve, we review how playing multiple positions enhances a players ability and understanding of how to play the game. 

Is your child still looking for a team? There are still a few roster spots open for next season! Classics Eagles is  currently looking for players in the following age groups:
  • 2006 Girls 
  • 2005 Girls
If you are interested, please contact Tony Earp at tearp@superkickcolumbus.com or fill out our player registration form by clicking here !

Yours in Soccer,

The Classics Eagles Leadership Team 
NEW Classics Eagles Summer Soccer Skills Activity
CE Summer Skills Series #5
CE Summer Skills Series #5
CE Summer Skill Series #6
CE Summer Skill Series #6


Classics Eagles Team Camps

This week the Classics Eagles teams are working with the Director and professional staff to get ready for the season. We captured some of the moments from the first couple of days.

Click on image to see all of the action!
My 9 Year Old is a Forward

Your 9 year old player is NOT a forward. We do not even know if he is going to be a "soccer player" in the future. The only thing we know for sure is that he plays soccer and seems to enjoy it. He may even begin showing areas of the game that he is better at than others, but he is not a forward, defender, midfielder, or a goalkeeper yet. Why?    Read more!
Additional Services by Classics Eagles

We want to provide Classics Eagles players, coaches, and families, and those outside of the club, with all of the resources needed to navigate the youth sport and soccer experience in the most effective and beneficial way. With Classics Eagles resources and years of experience in youth sports, we can provide additional support outside 
of the team experience.  Learn more!

Warm Up Properly and Decrease Your Risk of Injury 
with FIFA 11+

Orthopedic ONE's sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists continue to recommend the FIFA 11+ warm-up and strength program. As a leading injury prevention program, FIFA 11+ has been proven to decrease soft tissue injuries by as much as 70%. Classics Eagles and Barça Academy Columbus support this program as well. In 2015, the Classics Eagles Competitive and Classics Eagles Premier program coaches participated in classroom lectures and on-field educational activities to fully understand FIFA 11+ and its benefits.
The FIFA 11+ program has been utilized during Classics Eagles and  Barça Academy Columbus team practices, SAQ training and pre-game warm-up routines .  If you are new to the club or are not familiar with the FIFA 11+ program, contact your Orthopedic ONE athletic trainers for more information on how to incorporate FIFA 11+ into your training.
Click here , to access the FIFA 11+ manual, poster and exercises at any time.

Orthopedic ONE Clinic Hours for Classics Eagles! Click HERE for all the details!

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