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Director Message:
How often do we catch kids doing something right on the soccer field? The challenge we pose to coaches and parents through the season is to find great moments of players doing something the right way and making sure they know you saw it. Not just a simple, "good job!" or "well done!" but really making it a big deal. Our attention is often drawn to correcting mistakes, which is important, but we need to keep an eye out for the simple, little things, kids do right, and making sure they know we see it and reinforcing how important it is to their development.

Director Message 9.16.19


U10 Crushers OP Invitational Champions

U11 United DUCC Champions

U8 Wildcats Halftime Adjustment

U14 Blaze Subs Ready for Action

U12 Machine DUCC Champions

U8 Machine DUCC Finalists

Team Dash at DUCC
Team Diamonds at DUCC

U14 Boys Hot Sauce Midfest Champions

U10 Rampage DUCC Finalists

Team Rangers and Genoa SC

Classics Eagles U12 Boys Arsenal is coached by Brent Barson and Josh Ricketts. This a fun team to watch play! The team prides themselves on playing very good possession oriented soccer and playing as a team. Read more about what Coach Brent and Josh have to say about Team Arsenal by clicking on the photo below!

Session Management

When I was in graduate school studying to be a teacher, classroom management monopolized much of the curriculum and the focus of study. From the beginning, our professors and teachers who worked with us said, "everything begins and ends with classroom management." Meaning, no matter how skilled a teacher, how great the lesson plan, it did not matter if there was a lack of classroom management. From the moment the students step into the classroom to the end of the class, everything that happens is important. This is true for coaches. As teachers, in a bigger classroom and a different topic, the focus of "classroom management' is just as critical. Without it, a training session will never reach its potential to impact the players' learning and development.  Read more!

Additional Services by Classics Eagles

We want to provide Classics Eagles players, coaches, and families, and those outside of the club, with all of the resources needed to navigate the youth sport and soccer experience in the most effective and beneficial way. With Classics Eagles resources and years of experience in youth sports, we can provide additional support outside 
of the team experience.  Learn more!


When a medical situation occurs, a decision must be made. Should you go to the emergency room, urgent care or schedule an appointment with a physician at their medical practice? Emergency rooms and urgent care centers are great resources to utilize for certain ailments. But when do you really need to visit them and for what types of conditions? For the majority of orthopedic conditions, a trip to an urgent care or emergency room can cost you more time and money than needed.
Urgent Care Centers:  Ideal for non-emergency situations that occur outside of your primary care physician or specialists' normal business hours, as they typically have weekend or extended evening hours.
Emergency Rooms:  Should only be used for EMERGENCY situations. If you have a life or limb threatening condition, go straight to your nearest ER!

Most orthopedic conditions such as strains, sprains and minor fractures can usually wait 24-48 hours to be address by a Sports Medicine physician. At full scale orthopedic and sports medicine practices, such as Orthopedic ONE, additional resources can also be utilized through athletic trainers. These include, but are not limited to urgent access, priority scheduling and after hours care. 

Orthopedic ONE Clinic Hours
  • Mondays from 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. at SuperKick (with Chris Kent, PT, AT)
  • Tuesdays from 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. at Liberty Park South (with Josh Horn, AT)
Please continue to utilize the Orthopedic ONE Sports Injury Hotline at 614-827-8210 for sports injury concerns requiring immediate response.

Orthopedic ONE Clinic Hours for Classics Eagles! Click HERE for all the details!

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