August 2017 
Sun Block!
solar eclipse

Solar eclipses have inspired ancient warriors to declare peace, chickens to roost, and pop stars to pen hit tunes. What will August 21 portend as the moon's shadow plunges a coast-to-coast swath of the U.S. into midday darkness? Your explorers will discover their place in the universe doing this month's eGFI exclusive activity. Added bonus: DIY eclipse viewers
sextant silhouette

Middle school students learn about Earth's geometrical relation to the sun by calculating where the sun will be in the sky for any date or time, given a particular location, such as their school. The module was developed by light engineer Tony Esposito for eGFI.

How Telescopes Work (Grades 3-6)
Solar Water Heater (Grades 9-11)

mauna kea thirty meter telescope

The clear skies above Hawaii's Mauna Kea make the site ideal for a giant telescope. That's assuming engineers can shield it from earthquakes, fierce winds, and extreme temperatures. 

Teachengineering felt monsters

The University of Colorado, Boulder, College of Engineering's searchable online library of more than 1,400 teacher-tested STEM activities and lessons just got a makeover, with NGSS-aligned videos and Maker challenges.

girl scout badges

They can earn badges for community service, first aid, and hiking. Now, some 1.6 million Girl Scouts of the USA will be able to qualify for a new set of badges - focused on STEM.

Failure - and learning from it - is integral to engineering design but shunned in most classrooms. ASEE PreK-12 engineering authorities Pamela S. Lottero-Perdue and Elizabeth A. Parry examined how elementary teachers can change their perspective to support inquiry and learning. 
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Have you used eGFI resources to teach forces or integrate art into your STEM lessons through engineering design activities? Tell us how eGFI works in your classroom, and your innovative ideas - like these tips from teacher Stephanie Greer - may be featured on our blog

Feedback Wanted. -- Engineering is Elementary seeks special education and ELL teachers to pilot new resources. $350 stipend provided. Apply by Sept. 1Learn more.

Free AP STEM Prep for Teachers. -- The College Board and Khan Academy are partnering to create personalized AP course materials in every subject. Learn more.
engineering trailblazers

Filled with engaging features, gorgeous graphics, and useful information about engineering colleges and careers, the latest edition of ASEE's award-winning Engineering, Go For It is sure to get your students excited about learning - and doing - engineering!
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