Dear friends and clients,

I start this newsletter with a somber tone because times are hard and there is no way around it. These moments, weeks or months with persistent uncertainty has really begun to impact our community of adults and younger. We have seen an increase in calls at Simply Bee. I am eager to serve all of our callers immediately and I am acutely aware that their calls are coming in because anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and suicide are on the rise. Our turn around time on call backs is less than one business day. We are able to see clients within 5 days for therapy and psychiatry. We have created a simple and easy process for all of our callers to seek relief as soon as we pick up the line and ask "how can we help you?" I can hear the relief when we end the call.

It is my passion to bring mental health to everyone; not just in crisis but also preventative care. So on that note, I ask that you encourage EVERYONE to make contact with a therapist, coach or mentor etc BEFORE crisis comes to your family and friends. The severity of mental health can be decreased with early preventative care.

For this reason, I have chosen to answer all new clients calls through fall of 2020 because I want to personally ensure we are treating everyone we can and if we cannot, we will refer out to a trusted colleague. We can help you find what, who, how and where to get help. Please do not hesitate to call me and I can answer your questions.

Finally, you will see, as we ride the waves of COVID-19 we have chosen to focus our energy on students, educators and families in need. We are bringing mental health to schools as an effort to serve the educators directly. Our aim is to impact the educator who therefore impacts the students. To bring this to your school, please direct your principal or superintendent to our contact button below and get in contact with Kate Kelley.

Audrey G.
Overcome Overwhelm: Steps To Building Your Toolbox
A virtual presentation for educators
Whether your school has made the decision to return to in-person learning, e-learning or a hybrid model, we know heading into this school year means navigating uncharted territory. Decisions are hard and emotions can feel overwhelming. However, as any educator knows, there's an internal "toolbox" that you build over time filled with tips, techniques and resources. Each day educators access their "toolbox" based on the needs of their students, parents, co-workers and even their own emotional health and safety.

In this presentation Audrey Grunst, LCSW & President of Simply Bee will teach educators six different mindfulness and anxiety management techniques that can be used in the classroom (or virtually).
Connecting Through The Screen: A Know how Guide For School Counselors Using Zoom
A virtual presentation for school counselors
With many schools starting the year off with e-learning, there is a need to provide virtual mental health services to students. In this presentation we will support student services staff in all levels of education who are newly engaging with students via telehealth.

Audrey Grunst, LCSW & President of Simply Bee will share skills and strategies that have been proven effective in her practice since going remote in March 2020. She will offer common mistakes to avoid, as well as her tips for success without distractions. Lastly, she'll share how to incorporate the core CASEL competencies during Zoom sessions to aid students in the development of their social and emotional needs.
Living In The Gray: How To Mindfully Parent During COVID-19
A virtual presentation available to schools and their parents
Did you know that Simply Bee Classroom isn't just for educators? Our goal includes supporting parents as well! We know this time has been just as challenging and overwhelming for parents to navigate. Managing your children's questions during uncertain times may be one of the most challenging parts of parenting right now.

That is why in this presentation Audrey Grunst, LCSW & President of Simply Bee will teach acceptance strategies to cope with uncertainty and help parents feel more in control of the day-to-day moments in life. In doing so, that will allow parents to handle all of the “I don’t knows" of the future.

Our mission with this workshop is for schools to opt-in and offer this for their student's parents to help them learn mindfulness techniques and experience positive psychology interventions that are designed to change the mind from negative to positive thought patterns.
To see if these programs are right for your school, contact Kate Kelley
We know these will be most effective in August or early September which means that availability will be limited - contact us to book now!
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