Clay Squared August Newsletter

Cosmic Compression
We have run into so many people who have asked us how the building is coming along this summer. We decided we will do an update every month. The big thing to tell everyone is that we won't own the building and be able to start working on it until December at the earliest. Crazy, we know, but foreclosed properties have lots of loose ends that need to be cleaned up with the city and Hennepin County. What we have done is meeting lawyers, bankers the architect and our developer to get all our ducks in a row. Some fun ideas are coming together for the exterior- as you might guess there will be some tiles and some glass!
See you soon!
Layl and Josh 
Handmade Tile Project of the Month
How to calculate square feet.

First, create thumbnail drawing (or use an architectural drawing) of the space
How to measure tile spaces

Doing the Math
1. Divide your space into rectangular units and measure each area in inches.
2. Multiply the inches (L x H) for each unit area.  (24" x 18" = 432")
3. Divide each unit area by 144 (the number of inches in a sq ft) to determine how many square feet of tile you will need. (432" divided by 144 = 3 sq ft)
Add the unit areas together for total sq. ft needed. 
4. Add 10% to 15% additional tile for cuts.
The Vermont

Best of Houzz 2017
Clay Squared
wins two 
"Best of Houzz 2017"
awards for
Design and Service!

Layl Wins Award
Layl wins Best in Sculpture 
at the Oconomowoc Festival of the Arts August 19th, 2017
Layl's Upcoming Festivals
Layl is in Glen Ellen, IL this weekend.  See her there!
Air Celebration

Glen Ellyn Festival of the Art
Glen Ellyn, IL
August 26th and 27th

Art Splash Arts Festival
Souix City, IA
September, 2nd and 3rd

Riverfront Arts and Crafts Festival
Northfield, MN
September 9th and 10th

Sun Cane in progress

Greenwich Village Art Fair
Rockford, IL
September 16th and 17th
Saturday 10-6 
Sunday 10-5

Face Silly Millies

Black and White Mandala
Squiggle Sun

Silly Millies are unbaked polymer clay millefiori canes that can be sliced to make beads, buttons and other fun craft projects.  Layl also sells these designs as magnets and pins. 
Visit the online store for a full listing or her Etsy store.  

Polymer Clay Classes
Upcoming Classes:
Intro to Polymer Clay
Saturday, Sept. 9th 11:00 to 1:00
Friday, Sept. 15th 6:30 to 8:30
Tuesday, Sept. 19th 6:30 to 8:30
Friday, October 6th, 1:00 to 3:00pm

Millefiori Class
Date in October to be determined.  Contact if interested.

65% - 75% OFF and
Free Shipping!

Seconds tiles
 One box of our seconds tiles is $45! 
3-4 sq ft of tile per box. 
Most kitchen and fireplaces are 10 - 30 sq. ft. of tile 
    New seconds are added daily, so check in often. 

About Us


Clay Squared to Infinity, LLC, is a handmade tile and polymer clay showroom / studio. 

Josh Blanc makes and sells handmade tiles and mosaics for installation in kitchens, fireplaces, bathrooms and as art tile.  Clay Squared offers the largest selection of historic reproduction tile lines in the United States.

Layl McDill makes sculptures and millefiore canes with Polymer Clay.   She exhibits at arts' festivals and teaches classes both at Clay Squared and around the country.

Thank you for following our adventures as artists!


Josh Blanc and Layl McDill
Clay Squared to Infinity, LLC