BREAKING NEWS: Claire Maunsell has joined Master Artists Jana Roberts Benzon, Lindly Haunani, Donna Kato, Sarah Shriver and Melanie West at the
Clayathon 2018 Polymer Retreat and
Master Artist Workshops
February 15-21, 2018
Seaview Hotel & Golf Club
Galloway, New Jersey
Welcome to the first year in which we have added Workshop options to our Clayathon Retreat schedule. You may register for the Retreat only , for the Workshops only , or for both Retreat and Workshops.

For more info and to register for the Clayathon 2018 Retreat, send request to

For more info or to register for Workshops , write to the Workshop Teachers at their below email addresses.

  • All workshops are appropriate for Intermediate to Advanced clayers - those who are comfortable creating and manipulating skinner blends, using tools, etc.
Claire Maunsell
Dichotomy Brooch/Pendant
Thursday, 2/15, 1-5 pm and
Friday 2/16, 9am-1pm
$45 for 4 hour workshop
[Same workshop both days]
This unusual brooch is very three dimensional and has the feeling of a natural 'box', into which the viewer may look to see very different surfaces - nestled and protected! To make those surfaces, we will learn how to make some unusual polymer veneers which will appear, contrasted, in the final piece. Then we will construct the framework for these veneers, cure it, carve it to reveal interesting inclusions - and then place the veneers. Backing with a pin back is added, or an integrated finding for a pendant and the piece is then complete! Being in this short workshop can teach you a different way to construct three dimensional forms, and also show you some novel ideals for veneers. Hollow construction and surface techniques are my particular obsessions!
Colorants and findings will be supplied, but participants should bring at least 4 bars of Premo clay - one white, one black or grey, and 2 in colours of their choice.

Jana Roberts Benzon
‘Murmuration’ Master Workshop
Tuesday, 2/20 & Wednesday, 2/21
$220 for 2 day workshop
On Day One of the workshop, students will create interesting individual “Starlings” that make up a Murmuration using many new and innovative techniques, some of which incorporate inexpensive household tools, plus exciting polymer products new to our Polymer World. Creating the Starlings will involve such enjoyable processes as silk screening, carving, and layering, among others, with each performed in novel and inventive ways. Day Two will be a relaxed day of exploration and assemblage of the Murmuration pieces. Students will design, arrange, and place their Starlings into the formation they desire (with guidance and instruction, of course!), creating a cohesive whole. This piece can be a standalone ‘sculpture’, brooch pin, pendant, or other decorative object…the student gets to decide! Toward the end of Day Two, students will be instructed on backing the piece (including instruction for a professionally set pinback), using my nifty trick for quickly, precisely, and efficiently finishing off the back of the creation.

I’d so love to have you join me for this brand new and exciting workshop! Loads of pioneering skills will be taught, including those “worth the price of admission” tidbits, plus Zen (read: you!) time, camaraderie, and of course, healing laughter! 
Lindly Haunani
Telling YOUR Color Story
Quilt block inspirations
Tuesday 2/20 & Wed. 2/21
$220 for 2 day workshop
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the glorious world of color and design for two days? Discover and expand your creative potential with increased color confidence.

During this class you will . . .

  • Expand your color awareness
  • Refresh your knowledge about color
  • Perfect your skills when combining colors
  • Using simple strip quilt block patterns as inspiration you will make a dramatic decorative wall hanging tile.
  • Learn how to refine your color choices while selecting pigment primaries, mixing colors, and constructing Skinner blends.
  • See how balance, placement and proportion all play key roles while designing your quilt block pattern.
  • There will be dozens of illustrative color samples on display and plenty of time for individual attention while you make your color choices.
  • You will create a color-coordinated palette of gradient blends that will be used to make your stripe elements.
  • Once cut, your elements will be puzzled together to form a geometric quilt block pattern.
  • You will have ample “yardage” of blends to experiment with and may opt to concentrate on one combination or try several.
  • During this workshop you will be using laminates for your designs.
  • Strategies for translating what you have learned into canes, more painterly surface designs and sculptural elements will be discussed.
  • Samples illustrating how the patterns read at a smaller scale suitable for jewelry design will also be presented.
  • You will be encouraged to take at least one quilt block panel to completion, ready for hanging in your home during class. 
Donna Kato
Discs and More Discs!
Thurs. 2/15 & Friday 2/16
$220 for 2 day workshop
In this class, we'll concentrate on various decorative treatments of simple discs.

  • color replacement patterns
  • carving
  • backfilling in the raw
  • incising
  • texturing
  • silk screening
  • beaded curtain cane
  • my C Clasp finding

Put them all together and you have a necklace of discs. Pretty dramatic in black and white. You could do color but in class, black and white is what I will provide.

I will provide the clay​ and ​the materials to finish your piece two ways. Come join the fun!
Sarah Shriver
Fantastic Seed Pods!
Thursday 2/15 & Friday 2/16
$220 for 2 day workshop
In this class we’ll work with Ultralight clay to build forms loosely based on the wondrous and varied forms of seed pods. We’ll construct both molds for the shapes so they can be repeated, and then cores for the beads out of this very “user friendly” material.

We’ll then develop harmonious blocks of blended painterly colors and manipulate the color blocks to create a wide variety of patterned canes to use as veneers on the forms. I’ll also incorporate my techniques for reverse inlay and include lots of design and finishing ideas.
Melanie West
A Unique Way of Organic Caning - Full of Depth and Color!
Tuesday, 2/20
$125 for one day workshop
This is a technique based workshop, not a project specific workshop. 

In this workshop, students will gain a solid understanding of how to make the canes I use in my work, using hand pigmented, translucent polymer clay. Different materials for pigmenting will be covered, and the different effects one can achieve. I will also show the best ways I've discovered to laminate with these translucent canes. The goal of this unique cane technique is to add depth and movement in polymer cane work, as well as gaining control of the colors one uses. I pack as much as I can into my classes, so be ready to soak up as much as possible! Students may not finish a project, but that is ok! They will leave this workshop with a head full of ideas and inspiration, and a collection of canes to play with.

My approach to teaching is to help my students reflect on their own creative process, raise issues that are important for the creative soul to survive and grow, and ultimately... help students find their own unique voices.