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Happy Imbolc! Bright Blessings on Brigit's Day! Blessed Candlemas! The Wheel continues to turn.

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Fingers crossed that upcoming surprises at your shop will be well received this spring! Modifications are in the works, especially for the post-vaccination time. Keep an eye on the website over the next few months, because things are changing there as well. As we listen to requests please know we try to apply what we learn from you slowly but surely.

The Community Altars

Interact with your community altar always to your right as you enter the shop. When the wheel turns we remove all the papers and burn them to release our energies into the universe from the main altar. The far-right corner altar with the Santa Muerte statue and large crystal is a customer-led addition to the shop. The donations left here come back to you exponentially! As it overflows we send the money to different places such as The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women & Girls and St. Jude's Hospital for Children. This time it will go to the Ozark Food Bank.

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Please read on for FREE metaphysical information on Imbolc plus Selenite!

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Free Metaphysical Information!

Free Correspondences for Imbolc, Brigid's Feast, Brid's Day, Candlemas
February 1st & 2nd
in the Northern Hemisphere

How do you say Brigid?
It's pronounced “Breej,” or in some parts of Ireland, closer to “Breeds.” In contemporary Irish spelling, it's spelled Bríd. Around here we say Brigid, sounds like Brigit.

Three links are provided in this section!

Brigid is the Goddess of Healing, Inspiration, Poetry, The Arts, Fire, Childbirth, The Hearth, & Smithcraft. To learn more click here.

Colors: Green, Pink, White, and Yellow

Moon Phase: Waxing

Elements: Fire of the smithery, Water of sacred wells and springs.

Solar System: The Moon and The Sun

Trees: Blackthorn, Cedar, Rowan, and Sycamore

Symbols: The Anvil, Healing Springs, The Arts, Singing, Lamb & Sheep, Grains, Snake, The Sword, Fire and Flame, Triple Goddess Figures, Candles, Equal Four-Armed Cross (for how to make one click here).

Plants: Grains, Grasses & Reeds, Blackberry, Snowdrops

Foods: Dairy, Blackberry

Gemstones: Amethyst and Turquoise

Animals: Groundhog (get it?), Sheep/Lamb, Snake, Hare

Click here for a Brigid Chant that's also a beautiful and easy Round by Anne Hill
How to Use Selenite

Selenite removes negativity, stagnant energy, and is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite is fibrous and will fracture into smaller segments. It is a very soft crystal and will deteriorate when placed in water, so do not use it for crystal water nor place in water!

Selenite brings a higher vibration and frequency to the holder. Associated with the crown chakra, it helps clear negative thoughts. It does not have to be “charged,” i.e cleansed of negative energy; therefore, it recharges other crystals! When you feel like your crystals or other magical tools need a re-charge, place them on or near selenite pieces.

Selenite bowls, grids, and plates hold and rejuvenate your crystal collection, altar tools, and even special jewelry. Selenite acts as a cleanser to rid items and crystals of stagnant energy.

Selenite comes in raw or polished wand or blade form. You may use a selenite wand or blade in a similar way to a bowl or charging plate by placing your crystals or tools around the selenite to be restored. You may also place a wand of selenite by your window or bedside to ward off nightmares and negative energy while you sleep.

Selenite towers are often layered and stacked. Because of the translucent nature of selenite, towers look especially magical when placed on a LED light base. 

Selenite also comes in different colors, such as orange. Different versions, like desert rose, show the natural ability for selenite to curve as it develops. Orange selenite, which has all the properties of white selenite, also activates the sacral chakra and helps block electromagnetic negativity. Desert rose gently removes what no longer serves our highest good. 

Selenite is a powerful and beautiful addition to any crystal or magical tool collection. It restores and renews both crystals and the soul. 

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