March 28, 2017
First Quarter Newsletter


The Clean Coalition has long maintained that in order to truly modernize the electricity system, the proliferation of clean local energy must be fostered by policy and market innovation from utilities, regulators, and legislators. The Clean Coalition’s recent op-ed explains how Germany successfully unleashed the power of local renewables and shows how local solar could easily become the most cost-effective source of energy in the United States. Policy and market innovations are at the heart of multiple Clean Coalition initiatives, including the Transmission Access Charges (TAC) Campaign and the Peninsula Advanced Energy Community (PAEC).

Early this month, the Clean Coalition’s TAC Campaign to fix the massive market distortion in California around transmission cost allocation received a major boost thanks to the introduction of Senate Bill 692 by Senator Ben Allen. The legislation aims to correct the outdated, unfair, and inconsistent approach to allocating transmission costs on the majority of Californians. A webinar on March 30 will explain the legislation and the straightforward fix that already applies to some Californians.

A flurry of activity continues through work on the PAEC initiative. A recently conducted Solar Siting Survey of the core PAEC region has identified over 65 megawatts of technical potential for commercial-scale solar installations. A Solar Siting Survey is the first step to unlocking solar in the commercial market segment and sets the stage for communities to reap the benefits of local renewables, including job creation, cleaner air, and renewables-driven energy resilience.

On the interconnection front, the Clean Coalition contributed to the Integration Capacity Analysis (ICA) Working Group report, an important part of the California Public Utilities Commission's Distribution Resources Plan proceeding. The ICA is a pre-study of the existing distribution grid to identify the available capacity for additional distributed energy resources that can be added without the need for system studies or upgrades. The report's findings pave the way for an improved and streamlined interconnection process for clean local energy.

In Alameda County, the Clean Coalition is part of a team that will be conducting a Local Development Business Plan to maximize the role of cost-effective local renewables for East Bay Community Energy, a new Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) jurisdiction. The Clean Coalition will conduct a Solar Siting Survey to identify prospective solar sites and design a feed-in tariff to maximize local renewable generation for the CCA.

Finally, the Clean Coalition is thrilled to be a recipient of a new California Energy Commission grant to lead the implementation of an innovative energy storage system that will be paired with an existing rooftop solar project located at Valencia Gardens in San Francisco. The solar+storage project will ultimately achieve at least 80 percent round trip energy efficiency.

Thank you for continuing to support the Clean Coalition and its pursuit of making clean local energy accessible now.

Craig Lewis
Founder and Executive Director
Transmission Access Charges (TAC) Campaign – Senate Bill 692 introduced
The Clean Coalition's TAC Campaign is gaining wide support. California Senator Ben Allen introduced Senate Bill (SB) 692 to correct an outdated, unfair, and inconsistent approach to allocating transmission costs by California’s electric grid operator, and the Clean Coalition recently published a Sacramento Bee op-ed on the issue.
PAEC Solar Siting Survey: Identifying vast potential for clean energy in southern San Mateo County
As part of the Peninsula Advanced Energy Community (PAEC) initiative, the Clean Coalition conducted a Solar Siting Survey for the core PAEC region of southern San Mateo County and identified 65 megawatts of technical solar potential.
Clean Coalition receives CEC grant for solar+storage in San Francisco
The Clean Coalition was selected to receive a grant from the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) Electric Program Investment Charge program, which offered “Solar +: Taking the Next Steps to Enable Solar as a Distribution Asset.” Under this grant, the Clean Coalition will lead the implementation of an innovative energy storage system that will be paired with an existing rooftop solar project at Valencia Gardens in San Francisco.
Clean Coalition helps California CCAs move the needle on distributed energy resources
The Clean Coalition is excited to be part of California’s rapidly emerging Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) market. With as much as 50% of California’s electricity load likely to be served by CCAs within a few years, it’s clear that they will play a significant role in California’s clean energy future.

Unleashing clean local energy through smart policy
In a recently published op-ed, Craig Lewis explains how policymakers and utilities have a critical role to play in driving cost reductions for renewable energy projects. Policies that establish transparency, longevity, and certainty in the marketplace are essential to driving down the soft costs of project development. This was especially evident in Germany and, now, in several utility territories across the U.S.

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California’s transmission costs are exorbitant and growing fast, but the fix is easy
March 30, 2017 – Online webinar
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Los Angeles Business Council Sustainability Summit
April 28, 2017 at the Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA
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Regenerative Future Summit
May 15-17, 2017 at the University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO
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California Energy Summit
May 16-18, 2017 at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA
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Managing DERs
June 6-8, 2017 in San Diego, CA
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Grid Edge World Forum
June 27-29, 2017 at the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
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