• Come in and try our new oils from Italy...Biancolilla (great for drizzling and dipping) and Nocellara (a perfect all purpose). Complex & creamy - notes of green almond, artichoke and green apple.

  • Also enjoy 20% a limited supply of Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Arbosana, Coratina).

  • New! Mezze Penne - These "half penne" cuts present beautifully on the plate and go well with any sauce. The taste & texture of this pasta makes it an in-house favorite. In store only.

  • New! Milanese Risotto Mix with Prorcini Mushrooms - This classic Milanese style mix of saffron and porcini mushrooms is both easy to make and extremely authentic-tasting in 18 minutes. Made using premium carnaroli rice from Lombardia, it makes for a wonderful dish by simply adding boiling water and stirring occasionally. You can also give this mix your own signature by adding a homemade broth, vegetables, meat, fish, or herbs and stirring in one ladle at a time. Either way, the result is a rich, creamy risotto.. In store only.
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Aged Balsamic of the Month!

Each month, we offer a 20% discount for one of our Delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oils --- OR --- Aged Balsamic
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Offer Expires 03/06/2018.

Clean Eating
Pomegranate Salad

Bright and Zesty! This is some clean eating.

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