January 2021
Greetings and Happy 2021!

While the new year is full of challenges, we are also optimistic that much will improve.

As we transition to a new Administration that has made climate change and the rapid promotion of clean energy top priorities, we can expect major policy initiatives at both the federal and state levels.

To help you understand the range of issues that need urgent attention and will require citizen action, this month we are highlighting important policy efforts. We hope you will have an opportunity to read these reports and think about how you would like to get involved.
Let's Move Quickly to Cut Carbon

A detailed set of recommendations from top scientists explains how we can quickly move from burning fossil fuels and instead use clean energy to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Lead author Chuck Kutscher is a board member of New Energy Colorado, the parent organization of Solar CitiSuns, and wrote the report for the University of Colorado's Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute.

Scores of recommendations address how we can cut fossil fuel use from the electricity, buildings, transportation and industrial sectors and how we can start to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A key recommendation calls for a national clean energy standard.


Clean Energy For Biden, a coalition of industry experts and policy advocates, developed detailed proposals to promote a range of clean energy advancements, and also sponsored three policy summits where experts addressed key points.


Colorado's Greenhouse Gas Pollution Roadmap details how the state can make progress towards the goal of reducing greenhouse gas pollution by 50% by 2030, as required by legislation.
The roadmap is expected to lead to a variety of actions. Read it here

Learn to Save Home Energy Through Virtual Tour
The Metro Denver Green Homes Tour is available for your enjoyment from the comfort of your home. See how your neighbors transformed regular houses into extraordinary homes, and how builders created homes that use net zero energy. Short videos will make you feel like you are learning directly from the homeowners.

Whether you are interested in installing solar energy, a heat pump, geothermal energy or just having lower energy bills, you'll find tips for your home by watching videos and listening to expert lectures from top pros.

Special Thanks to Jim Smith of Golden Realty who made all the videos as a volunteer

Make Your Voice Heard
Solar CitiSuns are people who want to join together to promote more solar energy and other renewable energy, as well as other ways to transform the energy landscape. In 2021, there will be many opportunities to take meaningful action.

It is free, quick and easy to sign up! By joining our community, you can keep informed and join others in taking action.

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Energy Tips: From Cheap to Steep
Is The Sun Beating Too Hot Inside?

1)  You can use a roll of Heat Control Mirror Window Film to reflect some of the sun back outside.

2) You can draw the interior shades.

3) You can install shades outside your home.

FOR MORE DETAIL: See Energy Tips