Empowering Women And Children Impacted By The Criminal Justice System

New Hour member and EMERGE graduate Tameeka shares, "Getting a job and having to worry that my past conviction will always be held against me is a constant fear."

Our mothers and women continue to suffer longstanding consequences as a result of a conviction. More than 1 in 7 NY's suffer with the stigma of a conviction long after they have served their time.

This means women are less likely to successfully provide for their children and become financially stable. Lack of access to employment, education, housing access and employment discrimination continue to hurt women and mothers long after they've served their sentence. Here's how we fix this problem: Clean Slate.

With New York's legislative session drawing near its end, we must make it clear: Clean Slate Can't Wait. The Clean Slate Act will seal many of the criminal records (except for law enforcement, the courts and some agencies) of those who have served their time and re-entered society. This act is necessary to allow women in reentry a true chance to rebuild their lives.
New Hour members will join a coalition of organizations and individuals in support of Clean Slate NY tomorrow and you can join us tomorrow as we meet with lawmakers to discuss the importance of this act. We will provide transportation to and from Albany. You can RSVP here.

If you can't make it tomorrow, we will join advocates in Albany on Tuesday, May 31st for continued parole justice reform. Make sure to save the date- it will be our last day of action in Albany before the session ends.

We appreciate all you continue to do to support our work and to create hope for women and mothers in our jails and in our community.

In solidarity,

Serena & the New Hour Team