Camp Update:

Fall is officially here, and it is time to start cleaning up and putting things away for the season.

If you still need a winterization form, you can download one below and email it to Andrea at the office. We cannot winterize your cottage or trailer unless you have filled out a form.

Unfortunately, we are unable to host the Thanksgiving Service and meal again this year. We pray you have a good holiday celebrating with friends and family!

We have scheduled a clean-up day for Saturday, October 23rd. Please bring a rake if you have one. If you can come out and help please let us know. A take-out lunch will be provided.

We have had some questions about the gate passes and if they will be useable next season. We have tried to answer some of those questions below.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a successful season despite all the challenges and restrictions. All camp services should be on the website and app to listen or download by the week's end.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Winterizing is just around the corner....You can pick up a form at the office or download it here...

Saturday, October 23rd

Meet at 9am at the tuck shop
**a take-out lunch will be provided at 1pm**

When will the gate passes be deactivated?
All gate passes will be deactivated Nov, 1st.

Does that mean I have to purchase new gate passes next year?
You do NOT have to purchase new gate passes each year. Your gate passes will be reactivated May 1, 2022. You only need to purchase a new gate pass if you lose it.

Will I be allowed on the campgrounds after November 1st?
Leaseholders will not be allowed access the camp, except by appointment only. If you plan to do renovation work or have work done on your property during the off season, it will need to be scheduled and approved with the office ahead of time.

Why are we not allowed on the campgrounds after November 1st?
Due to the seasonal nature of the camp, security, and the insurance implications to having leaseholders on the grounds during the off season, we have to ask that you refrain from coming in and out of the campgrounds between November 1st and May 1st.

Will my insurance be lowered because the camp has installed security gates?
Some insurance companies have said that the gates will help lower premiums. You can check with your insurance provider for more details.
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