August 2016

"Guts and Butts"  2nd Annual Clean Up for a Cure
In memory of her husband, John Gyselbrecht, who died of gastric cancer in 2014, Stacy Millich created an event to help clean up the California coast and fund a cure for stomach cancer. Honoring John's love for the ocean, this annual "Clean Up for a Cure" event features a morning beach clean up in Pismo Beach followed by a pizza party nearby.

"While the event has become a great way to bring together family and friends, anyone can make a tax deductible donation to the  Gastric Cancer Foundation, and sponsor participation in the  California's Coastal Cleanup Day on September 17th," says Stacy.

Last year, over 70 people participated in "Guts and Butts," the John Gyselbrecht Memorial clean up, and raised $11,095 for the Gastric Cancer Foundation. To learn more about the event or to become a sponsor, click here.
Applications Open for AGA/Gastric Cancer Foundation 
Research Scholar Award
The Foundation and the American Gastroenterological Association are looking to support young investigators working toward independent research careers in gastric cancer.

This Research Scholar Award provides researchers working to find a cure for gastric cancer with $270,000 over 3 years to advance their work. The initial award was established by the Gastric Cancer Foundation in partnership with AGA in 2014 and awarded to Dr. Mohamed El-Zaatari at the University of Michigan.

Applications are due by September 9th, 2016. Find more information here.
Make a Difference by Joining Our Registry
The Gastric Cancer Foundation  launched the first Gastric Cancer Registry,  a secure HIPAA compliant database at Stanford Cancer Institute, five years ago. Aggressive gastric cancer research requires this resource of statistically significant, pertinent information about patients and their families.

We urge all people with gastric cancer (or their families) to  sign up and share their stories. It's an easy process that can make a world of difference.
Events in Your Community?
If you or friends are hosting other fundraising events for gastric cancer research, let us know and send us pictures. We would be delighted to share your ideas and experiences online. Send your notes to

"Our goal is to go out of business by funding the research that finds a cure for stomach cancer," says GCF Board Chairman, Wayne Feinstein. "We need all the help we can get to accelerate research funding."   Donate today !

Mark Your Calendars:

"A Cause for Hope"
San Francisco Peninsula

While you enjoy your summer vacation, remember to SAVE THE DATE: Friday November 18th, for a great evening event to support gastric cancer research. It's a Cause for Hope!