Clean water for God's thirsty children
In Honduras: Clean Water for Survivors of Hurricanes Eta and Iota
You can see the focus on the faces of participants during the Water Women training sessions.
What we learned while responding to the crisis...

Responding to the devastation wrought by back-to-back hurricanes in Honduras helped us think in new directions and develop new strategies, while at the same time giving us renewed confidence in the Water With Blessings model.

In the immediate aftermath of a crisis like that, thousands of people are in danger of dying from dirty water. In many areas there would be no homes where Water Women could filter and provide clean water for the families. Drastic action would be necessary.

Putting on our thinking caps with partners such as Food for the Poor, we came up with the idea for Water Stations. In the future, these will be inexpensive to set up and provide immediate relief for those who are displaced. Obviously, volunteers in those same areas would be providing food, clothing, and other emergency services.

At the same time, our teams will be moving through the countryside to areas that were damaged but not destroyed, distributing filters and training new Water Women. Developing this two-pronged strategy will help us move quickly and save more lives the next time we are faced with large-scale devastation.
This is what the Water Stations look like.
Empowering Mothers to Help Their Neighbors

During the crisis, the unique approach of Water With Blessings, partnering with mothers to bring the blessing of clean water to their communities, using best-in-class household water filtration systems, was proven effective once again.

Recently, we collected testimonials from Water Women trained more than 10 years ago in the southern part of Honduras, where flooding brought suffering similar to that of the recent hurricanes in the north. These Water Women were proud to show us their functioning filters, and the children who had grown through the years free of waterborne disease.

Families who struggle with poverty in Honduras face a host of daunting challenges. We’re proud that, thanks to Water Women and you who sponsor them, thousands of families are free from waterborne disease, free for the health they desperately need as they navigate their daily lives.

Working in post-disaster situations carries its own challenges, especially in the midst of a pandemic. We’re proud of our country teams, who took great risks and accepted great discomfort on behalf of their neighbors. They conducted this project in keeping with our principles and protocol, in spite of the chaos that predictably creates more chaos in the distribution of relief resources.

This experience supports our core value for empowering citizens of a country to respond to the needs of their own people.
We’re More Than Halfway There

Our goal in Honduras is 5,000 new Water Women. As of today, despite the challenges and the chaos we encountered in the aftermath of the hurricanes, we have trained and equipped nearly 2,700 new Water Women. With your support, our country team is working hard to complete this life-changing project.

We thank you again for your generous response to the needs of your sisters and brothers in crisis.

But this project is especially notable for its collaborative nature. Food For the Poor has focused its resources in the relief efforts. That has been matched by shipping support by The UPS Foundation. Our great friend Bill McGraw, from Quality Home Products of Texas, and Sawyer Products joined forces to donate 5000 PointONE filters.

Combined with the sacrificial compassion of our Honduran team, it’s all added up to a wealth of clean water for God’s thirsty children in northern Honduras…and more to come.
Let's continue filling up those buckets…

As you know, it’s not just Honduras. Although the devastation there has demanded extra focus, our work continues around the world.

We are so fortunate to have an ever-growing Community for Mission. Building on our success of last year, when we broke through our goals in the face of a global health crisis, we are overwhelmed by the continuing generosity of our supporters.

Please consider changing a woman’s life – and by extension the lives of several others. One gift of $75 provides the bucket, filter, and training for one new Water Woman.

Or you can join our growing list of monthly sustainers by clicking the link below. By giving $12.50 each month, you can sponsor two new Water Women each year. We will send you information on where the Water Women live, and the impact your gift is making.
On behalf of those whom you will help, we ask God to bless you for your generosity.
We're On Our Way to a Beautiful Mother's Day!
As With So Much in Life, Our Work Depends on Mothers
From the time Water With Blessings began, our way to bring clean water to God’s thirsty children was built on the most basic human relationship: mothers and their children. During our training sessions, it is always easy to see a mother’s concern for her children transform into confidence that she will be able to provide for them and for others.

As we make our way toward this year’s Mother’s Day, and through the month of May, we will be bringing you stories of Moms and their families. We’ll also have pictures of them, and use our latest technology to show you where they’re located around the world.
On This Week’s Coffee Chat, A Report on Honduras
This week you’re invited to a different kind of Coffee Chat. We will deliver a mid-point report to our partners on the progress in Honduras – Food for the Poor, Sawyer Products, The UPS Foundation, Quality Home Products of Texas – and to the rest of our Community for Mission. Everyone is welcome.

Accountability is often just a buzzword. But for us at Water With Blessings, it is important for us to provide details to those who support our efforts. Therefore, we will be sharing data, maps, photos, and testimonials that show how lives are being changed through your gifts.

So please grab your favorite beverage and join us this Friday, April 16, for our weekly prayer, conversation, and information session. We’ll be signing on at Noon Eastern Time and hope to see you there.
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We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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