Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
June 2019 Dream Journal
News from the Ground
Cambodia Clean=Healthy Campaign
With passionate international young volunteer interns in our Cambodian headquarters that really care about the environment our Clean Village initiatives have come to the forefront. Students in the school assemblies are getting information about pollution and climate change and are motivated to do regular clean ups of school campuses. 

They are also encouraging their families and communities to keep their environment clean . While they pick up trash and plastic along the village roads they spread simple, yet important and effective messages.

Clean School=Healthy Students

Clean Environment=Clean Community

Clean Country=Healthy Nation

We hope to spread this message beyond our villages soon!
Rotary Clubs Commit to more Safe Homes
The members of Rotary Global , Rotary Club Sentosa-Singapore , and Rotary Club Phnom Penh visited their first completed project and were so impressed with our diligent and quick work providing new roofs on the simple dwellings of the poorest rural families that they have committed to raise more funds for this important project. We hope our families have many more safe homes by the end of the year. 

Bike Delivery for 8 Lucky Girls
Thanks to our amazing Hoffman Family who continues to improve lives of rural children. This time they have donated 8 bicycles to deserving girls, to make their long commute to school a bit easier and faster. 

Thanks for local - Charity Team- Siem Reap - who also rallied to the call. Each team member donated $5 until they collected $60, enough for 1 more new bike.

Fundraising Ideas
Facebook Birthday Donations

For your next birthday you might consider asking for donations instead of gifts. Our CCDO Ambassadors have created birthday fundraising pages on Facebook . Canadian Terry Knight , a former volunteer, raised $2,000 from friends in Canada and around the world. American Lisa Geary , living in Hong Kong has raised $500 from family.  Andrew Ng and Carol Duster (board members) raised money and then matched their friend’s donations to the tune of $2,000.

Kids Baking
“A little goes a long way”


It is never too young
to start on the philanthropic pathway”

… are two mottos that can make a difference. Gather your children, nephews and nieces or grandchildren and spend fun quality time together teaching them how to bake. They can then sell the cookies to friends and family and raise funds for a preschool.
Piggy Heaven Update
Thanks again to Tabi Hansen ( and her mom Jenn Forney ), who raised and trained yet another piglet in California. They aptly named him ‘ Leangseng ’ (after her favorite idol) with full consent of our Cambodian director. He was proudly shown at the Contra Costa County Fair and was then auctioned off, raising $1,000 to be used for our piglet program in Cambodia.

Volunteer Interns
A warm welcome to Tommy Rouviere from France. He is currently studying at Georgetown University in Washington DC. He is passionate about giving back and is happy to give up his summer vacation to spend 2 months in Siem Reap. He will help teach sports at Kiri and Tapang Schools as well as encourage kids to read and create their own stories in the library.
Remember : Ordinary people can do extraordinary things to change lives - one child at a time .