July 2020
Cleaning in Long Term Care Facilities
Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC, in partnership with
CleanHealth Environmental and the Maryland Patient Safety Center is proud to launch the Clean Collaborative Phase 3.
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of facility cleanliness, especially in places where some of our elderly population reside: long-term care facilities.

Contamination of surfaces throughout long-term care and other healthcare facilities plays an important role in the transmission of pathogens from and to patients, residents, workers, and visitors; and can contribute to healthcare associated infections.

To assist organizations in addressing facility cleanliness, and to reduce infection-related hospital and emergency room visits, the Clean Collaborative Phase 3 will work with 10 long-term care facilities in Maryland.
Joan Plisko, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC (L) and Shari Solomon, CleanHealth Environmental (R)
The Clean Collaborative team has an excellent track record. We successfully completed Phases 1 and 2 and published the results in the Journal of Infection Control . We've learned some lessons along the way, and we look forward to guiding the caregivers of our beloved elderly population to improve the health and wellbeing of all who enter the long-term care facilities. Here are a few nuggets of what our experience has to offer:

  • The collaborative process is an excellent tool for bringing together environmental services professionals, infection preventionists and nursing around shared goals.
  • Facility implementation of engineering controls and behavioral change procedures are part of the cleanliness improvement process.
  • Cleaning durable/movable medical equipment is an important component of the cleaning improvement process.
  • Multilingual fact sheets and instructional information are effective for training and informing diverse facility staff.
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