May 24, 2019
Provincial task force meets to discuss flooding,
residents invited to complete survey

After this spring’s unprecedented flooding in Parry Sound-Muskoka as well as in the Ottawa Valley and elsewhere, the Ontario government is engaging with municipal officials to discuss how to improve Ontario’s resilience to flooding, and is seeking public input through an online survey. Read about the task force here , and complete the survey here .

Lost and Found
We heard from many of you over the long weekend with lost and found items. Check out the Lost and Found page on our website , and if you would like us to post an item, email with pictures, originating or found location, and contact information so that we can post the information. We also remind residents that you are responsible for picking up dock structures that have floated away from your property.

Check out this lost dock returning home on the long weekend.
Waste Disposal Vouchers and Fee Waivers
To assist Lake of Bays property owners with clean-up resulting from the 2019 flooding, the Township of Lake of Bays and the Town of Huntsville (depending on where your property is) will be issuing one (1) Waste Disposal Voucher per property to provide no-charge disposal of flood damaged waste at District Transfer Stations. The voucher is valid to dispose of up to one half-ton truck and single-axle trailer load (or equivalent) of flood-related debris. You can pick up your voucher at:

  • Township of Lake of Bays, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (statutory holidays excluded) from the Township office, 1012 Dwight Beach Road, Dwight. Click here for more details.
  • Town of Huntsville from the Town Hall, 37 Main Street East, 3rd Floor, Huntsville or the Canada Summit Centre, 20 Park Drive, Huntsville. Click here for more details.

At the Township of Lake of Bays Council meeting on Tuesday, councillors voted to waive or reduce fees for work to repair structures damaged by the 2019 flooding. Read the details here .

Town of Huntsville to provide dumpster June 8 and 9
The Town of Huntsville will place a dumpster at the South Portage boat launch on the weekend of June 8 and 9 to collect man-made, floating items retrieved from the lake.
  • Only man-made, floating items are to be retrieved from the lake and deposited in the dumpster
  • If floating items are too large to be placed in the dumpster, the item is to be placed beside the dumpster (the Town of Huntsville will ensure the items are placed in the dumpster)
  • No trees or natural vegetation, such as foliage or shrubbery shall be deposited in the dumpster
  • No debris collected from the land is to be deposited in the dumpster
  • No household garbage is to be deposited in the dumpster
2018 Water-Quality Testing results now available
LOBA continued our annual water-quality testing program in 2018, sampling water three times at 20 different sites on Lake of Bays. Samples were tested for phosphorus, and on one occasion bacteria, levels. Total phosphorus (TP) levels observed in the past continue to hold.

There appears to be a strong correlation between the amount of precipitation we experience and TP levels. In summer 2017, we had a lot of rain and TP levels increased, especially in Dwight and Haystack Bays. With less rain in summer 2018, TP was down overall and especially in the above-mentioned bays. Rain washes excess phosphorus from the soil into the lake. This points to the importance of reducing the amount of excess phosphorus in the soil on our properties by; maintaining septic systems, reducing lawn area, planting shoreline buffers of indigenous shrubs, never using fertilizers (which all contain phosphorus), and keeping hard surfaces to a minimum to prevent unfiltered run-off from flowing into the lake.

A slight increasing trend of TP levels over the years has been noted at our sampling sites near Fairview and in Trading Bay. These increases are still well within the Provincial norm. We will continue to monitor these levels carefully.

Bacteria levels continue to be well below the Provincial requirements for recreational use, however it is advisable not to drink untreated lake water.

To download the full 2018 report, click here .
Baysville Friends of the Library
Annual Silent Auction and Dinner
Saturday May 25, 2019


T ickets are still available for the ever-popular Baysville Friends of the Library Silent Auction and Dinner. This year's Maritime Kitchen Party will include "Screeching-In" and Kiss-the-Cod, along with fabulous silent auction items and a fabulous dinner catered by The Farmer's Daughter .

You can pay in person at the Baysville Library by cash, cheque, Interac or credit card ( click here for hours ), by Interac e-Transfer to, or by PayPal button at the Baysville Friends of the library website .

In 2018 the Friends purchased about 600 books and DVDs for the library, paid for over 30 magazine subscriptions and contributed $3,500 towards library programs and events for the entire Baysville community. They couldn't do this without the generous support of local permanent and seasonal residents.
First Ash Drive taking place June 1, 2019

The first ASH DRIVE will be held June 1, 2019. Bring your wood ash to the Rosewarne Landfill site, 1062 Rosewarne Drive, Bracebridge from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What is the ash for? Friends of the Muskoka Watershed have launched Canada’s first residential wood ash recycling program designed to solve the calcium decline problem in Muskoka’s forests and lakes. ASHMuskoka is a 3-year project during which the organization is working to recruit over 1000 area residents to collect 100 tonnes of wood ash. The wood ash will be applied to sugar bushes and forest soils in Muskoka.

Why? Because wood ash, with its high calcium content and other nutrients, is a valuable forest soil fertilizer. Through natural soil processes, some of the calcium and nutrients will make its way to Muskoka’s lakes.

For more information visit the ASHMuskoka website or follow them on Facebook .
Contact ASHMuskoka at 705-640-0948 or email

If you are interested in volunteering at the Ash Drive email

Reading, interesting links and events
Spin the Lakes Cycle Tour , Saturday May 25

Township of Lake of Bays
Public Notice Board , May 23, 2019

May 2019 Elert from the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations
Bring your old Wellies to the Dwight Public Library
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