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LA Trash and Recycling Policies for Apartments Debated 

As city leaders contemplate changing the system for collection services that serve large multi-unit buildings, they hear from environmental activists, truck-weary residents and garbage companies. More...

Massive CA Solar Project Cleared for Construction 

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar approved last week the Desert Sunlight Solar Farm, a 550-megawatt solar power project to be built in the California desert east of Palm Springs. More...

CSULA Solar Panel Project Completed  

Cal State L.A. technology students, involved with the University's Power, Energy and Transportation Lab, are beaming as the sun continues to shine brightly. They are thrilled to observe their solar panel project at work after years of planning and development. More...


Pennsylvania Guts Renewable Plans 

Republican governor Tom Corbett, inaugurated in January, is cutting funding and programs designed for promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy in favor of promoting policies that will expand drilling for natural gas. More...

EU On Track to Meet Renewable Goals? 

Many European Union member countries outstrip the U.S. when it comes to penetration rates of renewables, obtaining an average of 19 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. But that's still not good enough for some countries, which missed the interim target towards the legally binding 20-percent-by-2020 standard imposed by the EU. More...

USDA and DOE Fund 10 Bioenergy Research Projects 

The U.S. Departments of Energy and Agriculture have awarded 10 grants totaling $12.2 million to spur research into improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of growing biofuel and bioenergy crops. More...

Ford to Bundle Solar With EV Purchase

Ford is announcing that it is teaming with an established solar provider, SunPower, to sell a solar energy system through Ford dealers in conjunction with the Focus electric sedan that goes on sale later this year. More...  


Recharge Your Electric Car With Your Own Personal Wind Turbine

Want to stay ahead of the Jones' who drove home a new electric Ford Focus with its own solar unit last weekend? Power your car up with the personal wind turbine out back behind the rose garden. More...  


U.S. Navy to Invest in Biofuel Technology

The U.S. Navy, along with the departments of Energy and Agriculture, will invest as much as $510 million over three years to spur the development of biofuels for commercial and military transportation. More...  



GE Invests in Solar Thermal Company 

GE has agreed to invest up to $40 million in eSolar, a California-based developer of large solar thermal power systems. More...

CODA and Chinese Automaker Reach Agreement 

CODA Holdings, a California developer of advanced lithium-ion power battery systems, has signed a letter of intent to develop electric vehicles with China's Great Wall Motor Company. More...

Toyota 'LEED' Dealership Allows for Elimination of Dealer Fees 

The top Toyota dealership in Florida is opening a new "green" LEED facility and as a result is able to drop their dealer fee to pass the savings on to customers. More...

NREL Seeks Industry Input to Illuminate Trends in Renewable Energy Financing
Deadline: August 18, 2011. The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory is seeking input from energy developers and financiers as part of an ongoing effort to collect and share quantitative data on renewable energy financing terms and to assess barriers to renewable energy development. More...
MWD "Managing Your Innovation" Program
Next Event: September 15, 2011. "Managing Your Innovation" is a component of Metropolitan's Business Outreach Program. The workshops and networking events were developed to provide an opportunity for business, entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, academia, students, scientists, universities, government agencies, engineers, emerging technologies, and the general public to network, discuss ideas, gain access to investors, and local, state, national and international government agencies, and discover new technology on a global scale. More...
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