August 21, 2020
2020 Love Gift Calendar
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2002 Features Women Missionaries
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We have been busy cleaning out our closet and found some past Love Gift Challenge Booklets we thought you may like!

Maybe You enjoyed these items in the past and would like your own copy, or maybe you know someone that was featured in the love gift challenge booklets.

All are in GREAT condition and never used!

All items are $1 each and FREE shipping!

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A How to Tool for Local Groups!
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Combat Sex Trafficking
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Learning how to give passing the love along!
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Lessons for teaching teens Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
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A Look at what Missionaries do every day!
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Each lesson was written by Women's Ministries Women!
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2004 "We are all the Scent"
was written by:
Christine McGowan
Inez Carr
Alice Evans
Pam Williams
Fran McMillen
Rae Murray
Pam Cook
Robin Smith
Kristi Daniel
Pauletta Yarbrough
Terry McIntosh
Valerie McClellan

Pray for the Yeoman family as they are returning to West Africa

Our Missionaries need to know that you are praying for them! Drop them a card or send them messages on facebook!
If you would like an updated address list please email:

8/30: Jemima Pamu
GB Church - D No:4:204/9
Srinivasanagar E. Godavari Dist
Kakinda, AP 533005 India

September Birthdays:
9/20 Jeremiah (turns 15)
9/26 Allie (turns 13)
1050 Caylick Rd
Marion, KY 42064
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