We were anticipating and prepared to clean up after the heavy rain event but did not anticipate the windstorm damage that surprised the area Tuesday night. We actually thought that the storm was over Tuesday evening, but the wind picked up and wreaked havoc overnight.With the saturated soil conditions, many trees tipped over easier with less wind than they normally would. 
We spent all day Wednesday and a fair amount of today cleaning up downed trees on many properties in our portfolio. We hope we were able to get to your site in a timely manner and clean things up accordingly. With milder weather predicted over the coming week, we doubt there will be a repeat, but storm damage occurs most winters thus we are experienced and prepared, even if it sneaks up on us like it did Tuesday night. Hopefully we don't get any more events like this this winter, but winter is far from over. In the meantime, we continue with our normal winter landscape cleanup, and are standing at the ready if we get additional storm damage in the coming weeks.