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                 September - 2020
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What a year! We hope you remained healthy and were able to enjoy your summer break. As we approach schools re-opening in the Fall, our team would like to thank you for your continued support. We have been hard at work improving Cleartrack 200 and RTI Edge and want to share some recent updates, regulation changes and reminders with you.

Current Release 8.00 (May 2020):
  • COVID-19 Calendar Days
  • Current List button added to student lookup
  • Improved faculty/staff table
  • Medicaid - Telehealth Services for COVID-19
  • New Parent Portal
Coming Soon Release 8.01 (September 2020):
  • PDF Viewer enhanced
  • DW Snapshot changes
  • User emulation improved
  • New & Improved Statistics module

For more details, please continue reading below.

Also, welcome House of Good Shepherd, our newest ClearTrack 200 district.

If you are interested in learning more about our products, please contact us.

NEW Parent Portal Available
Securely share documents with parents

Districts now have access to use the Cleartrack 200 and/or RTI Edge Parent Portal. This is optional to use and a great new feature at no extra cost. This new tool allows your district to securely share important confidential student documents such as an IEP, 504 Plan, RTI Plan, Progress Reports, CSE notification letters, AIS/RTI entrance or exit letters with parents via a portal. This removes the risk of sending student Personally Identifiable Information (PII) via email.  It also reduces mailing student documents home to parents (snail mail). Your district can choose which documents to post on the parent portal and which documents require a parent signature.

The parent portal allows staff to invite parents to the portal, track email delivery notifications, share documents securely, track which documents have been viewed or signed. 

If your district is interested in learning more about the parent portal, please contact your local RIC Cleartrack 200/RTI Edge coordinator. 
Release 8.00 - Available May 2020
COVID-19 Calendar Days
COVID-19 dates will appear with a red border. Dates will default to 3/18/20-end of 10-month School Year. Change if needed. Schools may want to remove any holidays that were previously scheduled, although school was held. The timeline for placement in services has been made. This will skip any COVID-19 days per the amendment to the Commissioner's Regulation section 200.4(d).

Current List buttonCurrent List Button
When using the Student List button after filtering the student list, a new Current List button displays in the lower left corner. Current list will show all the kids from your previous filter and you can easily go to the next student. The up and down arrows will also filter through the current list. This will be there for any Student ID field for the session, until a new list is set. 

Faculty/Staff Table
Faculty/Staff table has been enhanced to improve speed of the browser with additional search flexibility. At the top of each column is an improved search and select capability. For Name if you type one character, it will jump to the last name of that letter. If you type more it does a search of any name that contains those characters. Position, School and District have lookups and a dash that will make the column show the code instead (to reduce space). Medicaid Provider and Active have drop-downs to see Yes, No, or All (both). You can type in the search box to limit criteria and click on header to sort. When you search, it WILL search all pages. You will love the flexibility and ease of use, once you search or select.

Medicaid - Telehealth Services for COVID-19 billing
Ability to create Telehealth claims due to COVID-19 Emergency closings. Checking 'Telehealth' indicates the service was provided via Telehealth and the required verbal consent has been received. The checkbox is visible beginning with services with a 3/1/20 service date. This will be visible for sessions until the end of the state of emergency. Added ability to created Medicaid claims both via Telehealth and In Person for the 2020-21 school year. Also, for students with group services on their IEP, an individual CPT code can be selected.

Student Info Icon  Student Info Icon 
Now includes the email addresses of students and parents/guardians when entered from student demographics. The student info icon is located next to the student name from almost all screens in the system. This could be helpful during this time if you wish to send a parent/student an email.
Release 8.01 - September 2020
PDF Viewer
New and improved PDF viewer when viewing finalized documents, attachments or reports. The enhanced viewer is improved for small devices such as phones or I-pads and computer desktops as well. The next time you access a PDF document from the application, check out the new bookmark feature, search tool, and page down or up arrows for easier document navigation.

Snapshot Changes
Changes this year to the Early School Age reporting group.
Students that are 5 on BEDs day and attending Kindergarten are no longer reported in this table. This group of students are reported with the School Age students. Students still reported as Early School Age, include students 4 on BEDs day attending Kindergarten AND students that are 4-5 eligible for Kindergarten but are not attending Kindergarten. See ClearTrack's Snapshot documentation for more information, once the release is available.

User Emulation improved
Emulation of another user can now be done from the security browse if you have access. No need to login to a new ClearTrack 200/RTI Edge session. Simply emulate another user by locating the user ID from security. This is a great tool for troubleshooting that allows you to see what the user sees. When emulating another user, emulation security is stored for security purposes.
Helpful Reminders
Calendar Maintenance
If you haven't done so already, remember to update the 2020-2021 school calendar from Main Menu | Control | Setup | calendar Maintenance. Be sure to set the dates for Start Summer, End Summer, Start 10-month, End 10-Month, and Start COVID-19 and End COVID-19. This is important as it sets default dates that all users will use and see. In addition, it is also helpful to set school closings, board dates, and any scheduled events, such as state testing days.

Progress Note Dates
Marking period dates used for progress reporting also need to be set for the new school year. This is extremely important to ensure the correct marking period is set prior to the first quarter progress notes being entered. Update from Main Menu | Control | Tables | Schools. To assign the same set of marking period dates for all schools, select the schools in the right column and then click the Mass Assign Report Dates Button. Select the 2020-2021 school year and enter the appropriate dates. Schools may have different marking period dates. Summer school progress should be entered as Period 1, if applicable.

Preferences are meant to be help you. Meaning the options, you set, you will always see when you login. Customize your favorites button, your dashboard view, or even choose to use sticky notes.

Set Favorites
Do you know you can change the menu options displayed from the Favorites button? This may be helpful if you work on the same screens frequently and will allow you to set the screens as 'your' favorite. To set up favorites, from the Main Menu, click the Preferences button. Under the Favorites Drop Down section, select the screen(s) you always wish to see and set the order if needed.
The Dashboard view is newer for CSE office staff, displaying daily counts of students by disability, scheduled meetings, draft documents in progress, system alerts (such as annual past due), breakdown of students with BIP's by disability or PDF/Data transfers waiting to be imported. If you prefer not to see any of the alerts or BIPs for example, they can be turned off from Preferences, under the dashboard section by unchecking the items.  
Quick Menu
A newer button at the top of every screen located right after the Highlights button. Looking for a screen that might be buried down under the main menu with several clicks to get there. Click the Quick Menu button and type in a keyword. All screens containing the keyword will be returned. For example, looking for the screen to review LRE on BEDS Day, type in 'LRE.' The screen is returned and highlighted in dark blue. Click on the screen name to go directly to the screen instead of remembering the path Main Menu | Data Warehouse | Special Education Snapshot | LRE on BEDS Day.
Meeting Event Checklist
CSE office staff, are you looking for a checklist to help manage office processes for each student? Examples might include: Referral Date, Consent Date, Update Roster, Meeting Notice printed, email agenda, PWN entered and much more. The processes can be customized and organized based on your CSE office preference. If the Meeting Events Checklist is set up, then a checklist icon displays for each student and some items are auto checked off for you such as when a referral or consent date is entered into the system. This is optional to use but may be helpful to ensure all information is entered for a student.
Medicaid Tips
  • Be sure to run the Medicaid Service Exclusion Report when downloading your service extracts. This report will display any student claim that will not pull for the date range selected along with a reason. The errors may be easily fixed prior to extracting claims. This easily captures any information that may be missing from claims.
  • Run the Expired Order Report to find any students for the 2020-21 School Year with either no orders entered or that have been expired.
  • Run the Medicaid Annual Parent Written Notification letter. If 'Track Medicaid Annual Notification' has been selected with the document in System Defaults, the date the document is generated will back-fill to the student's 'Annual Parental Notification' field in filed documents.
    Note: This field must be updated annually. 
For further information or help setting up, contact your local support coordinator.
Medicaid Service Bureau
ETIN Recertification
Districts must re-certify their NPI with ClearTrack's ETIN on an annual basis. If this is not renewed, districts will not be able to bill for Medicaid. Make sure to get this done at least 1-2 months prior, as the paperwork takes a while to process. The ClearTrack MSB sends an email on a monthly basis to RIC Coordinators of districts whose certification will be expiring soon.

MSB Enrollment Contacts
Please make sure to review the contact information from Main Menu | Medicaid | Medicaid Reports/Imports/Exports Medicaid Service Bureau (MSB) Enrollment. This is especially important with staff changes at the beginning of the school year. We use the contacts for monthly billing e-mail and other notifications.

MSB Calendar
Updated calendar now available.
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