Clearing Karma Through the Birth Chart  
Now - Sat 5.11 taught by Mark Borax
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Mark Borax
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Soul Level Astrologer and bestselling author of the monthly Cosmic Weather Report, Mark Borax is offering a monthly chart-oriented class that uses your personal horoscope to clear three kinds of karma: Personal, ancestral and collective.

Personal karmas arise from your past lives, ancestral karmas are inherited from your genealogy, and collective karmas arise from the generational challenges of modern life. When viewed on a soul level our greatest challenges become springboards to our greatest growth.

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Clearing Karma Through the Birth Chart

Each class is recorded as an mp3 and video file you can download in case you miss a class or wish to hear it again. 

In addition, we'll use an email discussion group to explore subjects we don't have time for in class.

Saturdays from 4.30 to 6 pm Eastern
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Karma provides a way for you to embody. Its purpose is to invite your fullest presence and participation in the physical plane by repeatedly challenging you to show up in the very places you've had the most trouble showing up in life after life. The main karmic principle at work in this embodiment process is that your greatest difficulties in becoming present provide your greatest opportunity. Wherein lies your severest dysfunction, distortion, confusion and blindness lies your greatest ability for transformation.The kind of presence you gain when you transform karma to grace grants you the greatest freedom available to human beings. 

1. The Gift of Karma: Turning darkness to light
September 29   Download the recording

2. Roots of Karma: Finding the places you hide
October 20   ( R egister Now and participate! See options above)

Inhabiting the unique nature we've incarnated to fulfill is a visionquest that leads us on a merry chase from life to life to life. We each have characteristic hiding places where we hold back our full-spectrum radiance and diminish our presence. I've come to view these hiding places as the unoccupied channels of our multidimensional nature. Unoccupied channels result from past-life and this-life trauma (often sexual, often violent), from ancestral patterns, and from gaps in modern consciousness. Ellias Lonsdale discovered three main types of karma: personal, ancestral and collective. Personal karmas result from actions you took (or failed to take) in past lives. Ancestral karmas come from your genealogy, and Collective Karmas come from the times we live in. When  you become conscious of the places you hide you contact the roots of karmic dysfunction, which are also the  channels of your greatest transformation and healing.

3. Gaining Full Presence: Responding to the call
November 10 

Underneath layers of conditioning lies your essence, the unique core nature you were born to inhabit. To contact that core requires a journey past karma, through scarred tissue of emotional wounds and trauma often encased in self-judgment, guilt and shame. Soul Level Astrology assumes the benefit of the doubt: that you are a divine being with a radiant core, who deserves to fully blossom and flourish along the lines of your true nature. When your conscious ego-nature and everyday personality-self combine with your essence, you can respond to life's invitations and challenges as a unified, rather than fragmented, being.  In this way your karma points the way to full embodiment (though it rarely feels that way when your karma's up.)

4. Getting to the stories below the stories
December 8

Toward the end of his life  mythologist Joseph Campbell put out a call I could not ignore. He said the world is in need of a new Creation Myth. Just at that time I launched my professional astrology practice in the Bay Area, devoting my  skill to seeking stories of the soul that could  strip away layers of conditioning and get down to the core. Even more than in 1987 our world is in need of new stories of hope and regeneration, to vanquish the  twisted stories that distort the goodness of our species. When we view goodness through a karmic lens, we get caught up recycling stale, tired stories of this-against-that, tales based on scarcity and fear. But as we clear the karmic lenses off of our perception we begin to perceive stories of the soul, tales of  hope, love, inspiration , kindness and freedom.

5. Discovering choice where there used to be none
January 12

by ruysen flores venancino
One of the most extraordinary things about karma is how it begins to release once you pause, take a moment, and breathe. Right in the teeth of old pattern, where the same dysfunctional outcome seems doomed to repeat is the tipping point. By transcending the Blame Game you step out of victimization into becoming a co-creator  with the universe. At the very point you're tempted to succumb to negative thinking, if you drop deeper into your source nature, you begin to clear karma, even by just imagining that  it's possible. As the chronic battles die within you, you open the door to possibilities that were hard to recognize while  plugged into the old stories. Awakening to this kind of choice redirects the flow of energies through your body and mind, creating new outcome out of old circuits. Fate is where you follow dysfunctional patterns blindly, without awakening to the greater truth of your being. Karma is when you begin to take up the divine law and pattern of your indivduality. Destiny is when you activate your core nature and align with your optimal future.

6. How we attract people with similar karmas
February 9

Soul Level Astrology posits the idea that you incarnated  from spirit to give the gift o f your true nature into the mix of life on earth , that you have a creative source within you that is yearning to be offered to the world. And that in return for activating this source and offering the gift of your presence you receive the gift  of a meaningful, unique experience in the physical plane. While learning to embody we tend to attract people, beginning with  family members, who have matching karmas. Your soul was born into that family because you share patterns that collectively magnetized each other into incarnation. This is one reason why an awakening individual who transcends the level of  awareness in others around them can become a walking target for disowned projections. It  often seem s like the very person who could  transform the group pattern is actually the source of the problem! It takes a good deal of soul work to stay with what you know to be true when surrounded by distortion  and denial, as we all are  learning in the vastly distorted mainstream consciousness  of  our current time.

7. Karmic Theatre: The dance of awakening
March 9

Ellias Lonsdale and I pioneered the idea of life as karmic theatre, where every act offers you a chance to become  less conditioned and more  authentic, every transaction summons you to become more of who you are. Each  person you meet and  each scene  you experience  invites you to portray truer versions of  the unique nature your soul  incarnated to enact. When caught in karmic patterns, your  role is diminished. Inspiration flags, life flattens and can seem not worth living. But as you clear karma, your source nature awakens and  radiates inspiration and well-being throughout your fellow players and the greater worldLife's ups and downs summon your fuller presence in the karmic theatre.  The richness and profundity of your themes gets freed from karmic repetition to reveal their deeper messages.

8. Karma of Sex and Love
April 13

One of the stickiest forms of karma is the kind that attaches to intimate personal relationships. How many times have you  promised yourself to hold your center and not get triggered by your significant other's intense patterns, only to find yourself unable to keep that  promise? The reason we choose others who mirror our karma is because this keeps us circulating around the main lessons we incarnated to learn.  In such a way two people can either sink deeper into the muck, or produce a combined awakening that liberates both. In the thick of the old stories it requires lucid perception to awaken to our part  in the game. When you factor in past lives just about everyone on earth has been violated or has violated others. Going down into sexuality is like sinking into a mine field; unexploded bombs  hidden beneath the surface can  explode at the slightest touchThe body is both temple and map, delineating zones of bliss and anguish that are often interwoven.

9. Beyond Karma
May 11

Paravati Shiva
The purpose of karma is to spur our embodiment into full presence as magical, multidimensional beings. In life after life our soul returns to the physical plane to embody the love that we are and offer that as our greatest gift. Clearing karma allows us to recognize how we derived motivation from being pitted against things, against some part of self and world. Polarity karmas of this-against-that, including gender karmas, have plagued humanity since the beginning. As we claim our greater spiritual-cosmic identity, and gain full-spectrum presence in all the dimensions we inhabit, we diminish the need to be against and discover the wonder of being united with all things.

"I highly recommend 
Mark Borax 
to all pioneers working toward the conscious evolution of ourselves and our world."
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Author of Conscious Evolution:  Awakening Our Potential