Clearing Karma Through the Birth Chart  
Sat 9.29 - Sat 5.11 taught by Mark Borax
Original photo by Thomas O_Brien
mark borax
Mark Borax
Soul Level Astrologer and bestselling author of the monthly Cosmic Weather Report newsletter, Mark Borax is offering a monthly chart-oriented class that uses your personal horoscope to clear three kinds of karma: Personal, ancestral and collective.

Personal karmas arise from your past lives, ancestral karmas are inherited from your genealogy, and collective karmas arise from the generational challenges of modern life. When viewed on a soul level our greatest challenges become springboards to our greatest growth.

The class is $275 or free to Tribal Drumbeat participants-- Learn More.
Register for $245 by Sept 16. 
Clearing Karma Through the Birth Chart

Each class is recorded as an mp3 and video file you can download in case you miss a class or wish to hear it again. In addition, we'll use an email discussion group to explore subjects we don't have time for in class.

Saturdays from 4.30 to 6 pm Eastern
Join us online using Zoom or your telephone

September 29: 
The Gift of Karma: Turning darkness to light

October 20: 
Roots of Karma: Finding the places you hide

November 10: 
Gaining Full Presence: Responding to the call

December 8: 
Getting to the stories below the stories

January 12: 
Discovering choice where there used to be none

February 9: 
How we attract people with similar karmas

March 9: 
Family contracts and group souls

April 13: 
Karma of sex and love

May 11: 
Beyond karma

"I highly recommend 
Mark Borax 
to all pioneers working toward the conscious evolution of ourselves and our world."
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Author of Conscious Evolution:  Awakening Our Potential