Volume 13 | March 7, 2018
March Newsletter
It Takes a Community to Make a Fresh Start
611 West Patrick Street
Frederick, Maryland 21701
613 W. Patrick Street Opens for Residents! See New Pictures Below:
ClearView Communities is excited to announce that its 5th home located on W. Patrick St. is now open and accepting Residents for admission. Our first residents moved in Feb. 28th to this beautiful and cozy home that boasts a gourmet kitchen and 8 private bedrooms with private bathrooms. The home is attached to a brand new 10,000 square foot great room that can be easily sub-divided into four smaller group rooms and a new art room featuring a kiln.
From Right: ClearView Communities founder Sylvan Herman tours 613 W. Patrick with Clinical Director Caroline Cantrell, board member Scott Ogden, and Executive Director Eric Levine.
Haven't visited ClearView Communities lately? Schedule a tour and see how we've grown! Call Tracy Ashworth at 770-596-8543 or email tashworth@cvcmail.org
Meet Laura First MSW, LCSW-C
Expressive Therapist
Laura First MSW, LCSW-C is an e xperienced psychotherapis t with over 25 years’ experience in group, individual and family therapy.  She comes to ClearView Communities most recently from Sagebrush in Virginia, bringing years of knowledge in addiction/substance use treatment as well as supporting clients through trauma and loss. She worked with The Jefferson School, part of the Sheppard Pratt Health System for almost 20 years in individual, family and group therapy as well as coordinating the expressive therapies program for the school. Laura who is extensively trained in DBT, CBT, and EMDR is also experienced in specialized modalities such as Playback Psychodrama, Meditation, Music Therapy and Visual art as therapy. 

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Laura's philosophy is to encourage clients to try something new, awaken their inner light and open the door to a story that’s waiting to be told; believing it is the sheer integration of the mind, body and spirit that are on the cutting edge of healing and insight work. Laura grew up in the colorful tropics of Hawaii and now resides on a working farm in rural Maryland with her therapy dog, Collie.
Announcing Lauren Hirsch MSW, LGSW
ClearView Communities Admissions Counselor
We are excited to announce that Lauren Hirsch, who has been part of ClearView Communities' clinical team since May 2017 has stepped into the role of admissions counselor March 1, 2018.

Lauren will not only be the first point of contact for calls and emails coming in directly to ClearView Communities, she will be also be working with Clinical Director Caroline Cantrell on assessments, intakes, insurance and other admission department duties.

Lauren can be reached by calling our main number 240-439-4900 or email
Healing Trauma Through Storytelling
Psychodrama Training with Mary Bellafatto in Washington DC at
Kaiser Center for Total Health
Feb. 22, 2018
ClearView Communities was honored to partner with OnSite (Monnie Furlong) Ashley Treatment Center (Tim Dunnigan, Rob Devereaux) and Cirque Lodge (Keith Fierman) to present a psychodrama training on healing drama through storytelling with Mary Bellafatto.

Clinicians earned 6 CEU credits and learned effective techniques of using storytelling to help clients heal trauma, essentially re-wiring the brain to tell a more coherent story.
Jan 30 - Feb. 2
 Saddlebrook Resort, Florida
A4CIP Block Party at NATSAP 2018 National Conference

The member programs of Association 4 Community Integration Programs which includes ClearView threw a Block Party at NATSAP 2018.

The mission of A4CIP is To promote community integration programs as a central and proven alternative to residential and hospital-level care for many people who have been diagnosed as suffering from psychiatric symptoms. To educate more individuals, families and treatment providers about the substantial and documented benefits of such programs for people struggling with significant mental health issues, and about the growing body of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of this approach.

BELOW: Executive Director Eric Levine thoughtfully setting up ClearView Communities table for A4CIP Block Party
National Director of Business Development & Outreach Tracy Ashworth with Bill Lane of Bill Lane & Associates, Tom Maisel of Maisel Consulting and Tom Parker of Lindner Center of Hope - terrific partners when it comes to working to find the best therapeutic solutions for our clients and their families.
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